Saturday, 3 July 2010

Vintage Bargains

Today we went to the market at Tynemouth Station. Tynemouth Station is a wonderful partly restored Victorian station, which is currently in use as a Tyne and wear Metro station. At weekends however the platforms are transformed with the hustle and bustle of a fantastic eclectic market. The stalls predominately sell vintage items, though increasingly there is a good selection of people selling artisan food products.

I couldn't resist a wonderfully rustic loaf of ciabatta bread and a similar sourdough loaf, both baked using traditional methods and organic flours and from the same stall a wonderful lemon tart. Then there was "scone mad" a small business that produces a bewildering array of scones all made using the same basic recipe of flour, butter, water, pinch of salt and egg for basting. They have a range of 100 different varieties! we bought four - Bacon egg and black pudding, smoked sausage and cheese, cheese and leek and cheese bacon and onion.

As well as the yummy food , I also picked up some brilliant bargains:

  • The four cup/saucer/plate trios pictured at the start of this post, for £1 each.

  • A Brexton picnic set pictured above for £12- In a lovely green and white spotted case with white and green spooted china. It is all intact however one of the cups has been repaired and one of the flasks has it's inner broken. I'm going to be on the look out for a couple of suitable replacement flasks, possibly vintage but so long as they fit in well with the rest of the set I won't mind.

  • Two sets of vintage embroidered pillowcases. One set still in the box and wrapped in the original cellophane, the other set still in the base of the original box but without a cover. These were £7.50 for the two sets. I have pictured these as they were bought below and also added a picture of the set that were fully boxed already on my freshly made bed - I just couldn't wait!!

All in all today has been a lovely day : )


  1. aww they are all lovely and such bargins :)
    witchwoopiggy x

  2. I really love those pillow cases,I,m so jealous.

  3. Some lovely buys there - Love the picnic set.

  4. Oh my word, I love them all!! Fantastic buys. I remember going to Tynemouth many years ago and buying a vintage magazine rack (wooden with painted roses) which we've still got and a 60s/70s jug and glasses (no glasses left sadly).


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