Monday, 27 May 2013

A "forbidden" day out.

Family time today!

We took middle daughter and granddaughter for a day out to The Forbidden Corner near Middleham in The Yorkshire Dales.

The website describes this place as "a unique labyrinth of tunnels, chambers, follies and surprises  created within a four acre garden in the heart of Tupgill Park and the Yorkshire Dales." It's quite difficult to explain much more about this attraction, especially as saying too much about it may spoil the experience for those who have yet to visit. Suffice to say that if you haven't been there, it is definitely worth it.

We were last there when my girls were young and having fond memories my daughter couldn't wait to take her own daughter to experience this unique place.

 We had a lovely day and although she found a few of the experiences in her words "a little bit scary" Flic survived the experience to return another day.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Back on Track????

I can't believe that I didn't post for the whole of April! 
Life has been sooo busy. 

Despite saying that I wouldn't take on another full time supply post I was persuaded to take on a four week position with a year 6 class in the run up to their SATs and have now been persuaded to stay on till the end of term.

No sooner had I returned to working full time and my mam was rushed into hospital. She is severely disabled and although I don't want to go into details her stay in hospital ended up being quite distressing for both her and the family so much so that we felt the need to take her home to be cared for. As a consequence my sister who is her main carer and also holds down a full time job has had to take on even more responsibility as she lives in the same street as mam and is the only one living close by. As my brother lives over 200 miles away he cannot help and so although it is a 60 mile round trip I have been trying to get through as often as possible, but it has meant little time for much else.

I've missed blogging though. I enjoy "chatting" to my readers and in turn following their blogs and reading about their to-ings and fro-ings, there's a great sense of "community" that develops here in blogland.

With that in mind I'm determined to get back on the blogging track, and getting back that lovely spirit caring and sharing that exists between bloggers.
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