Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Make do and Mend - Recovered Computer Chair.

My poor computer chair!

It gets a lot of wear, and it shows.

It is still perfectly functional and it's certainly comfy enough, after all I do spend an awful lot of time sitting in it. I was therefore unwilling to even contemplate spending cash on a new one, so a little renovation seemed in order.

Way back in my early blogging days I posted  here and here about a huge Indian patchwork throw which I bought as a wall hanging, but was much too big.

Despite having used some of it to make a table runner and some to cover my dining chairs, there was still plenty left so I decided to use it to recover the chair.

First job was deconstruction. The back is held onto the seat by the arms so removal of eight screws et voila - ready to go.

I used my trusty seam ripper to remove the vinyl panel from the back of the top part of the chair then just stretched the fabric over the front and stapled with heavy duty staples to the back. I then restapled the vinyl panel back on to cover the raw edges of the new fabric. (Not sure I'm making sense here, but hey ho!)
I then recovered the seat by placing it upside down on my fabric and stretching and stapling to the underside.

Replacement of the arms secured the two halves together and ...

...one refurbished computer chair.

I have to say I absolutely love how it has turned out.

The bonus is that  the "wall hanging" is finally reduced to the size I originally envisaged, only problem is I bought it for behind our bed and it is so long ago now that we have something else there that we are quite happy with.  Now where can I hang an ethnic Indian wall hanging? Hmmm.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Four Happy Things...

...a very happy blogswap!

I was paired with Ellie from Feltabulous.

The rules were simple, put together a parcel of four happy things.
  • One handmade.
  • One vintage, retro or kitsch.
  • One in a favourite colour.
  • One thing from childhood.
What an amazing partner Ellie was, just look what she sent me!

Four pretty parcels inside of which was ...

A lovely spring like card and...

  • A handmade felt heart, made with wool from Ellie's sister's sheep. It is absolutely gorgeous.
  • For favourite colour another handmade item, a beautiful macrame bracelet using agate, sodalite, fire agate, lapis lazuli, aventurine, quartzite and a polymer clay bead. 
How talented is Ellie?

  • For an item from childhood Ellie sent me Iced Gems and Lindt Bunnies. Whenever I used to visit my Aunt Mary she always used to give me Iced Gems so they definitely brought back childhood memories, and Lindt chocolate is one of my favourites so I was delighted with the bunnies.
  •  The vintage item was the fabulous plate. I literally gave a little squeal when I opened this, I absolutely adore it.
 Oh four very happy things indeed!!

Now to see what I sent Ellie I'm afraid I'll have to send you off to visit her blog post on the swap because as  usual I forgot all about taking any photographs until I had already wrapped everything up ready for the post. 

Linda xxx
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