Friday, 23 July 2010

End of Term Makes & Treats

Although I'm seconded out of school into a local authority post at the moment, I'm lucky enough to still get all the holidays, so this week has been end of term. While there's not quite the mayhem that accompanies end of term in a school, there has still been an air of anticipation and a feeling of wind down with a steady stream of pressies and treats. Sooo...

First off I made scones...

Cheese scones & apple, walnut and cinnamon scones.

These were duly supplied along with the obligatory butter.

Then I made these:

...and some little heart shaped bags to put them in.

Et voila!! four prettily packaged end of term gifts for my colleagues.


  1. You've been busy! Your colleagues are very lucky, those gifts are gorgeousph and those walnut and cinnamon scones too!

  2. What thoughtful and beautiful gifts and delicious looking scones, too! Here's to a wonderfully long summer break. xxx

  3. Yum those scones look nice!!! Love the bag charms and those heart envelopes are very sweet!!!


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