Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Corner Puddings (Would a dumpling by any other name taste so good?)

It's that time of year.

Autumn's mellow fruitfulness is beginning to give way to the chill of winter.

The nights are drawing in.

It's already dark when I leave work.

Food needs to comfort.

Tonight my comfort food was Corner Puddings.
A big comforting pot of mince and gravy topped with oven baked suet dumplings.

Hubby asked "What's for tea?"

I replied " mince and dumplings."

"Mmmm corner puddings" came back the response.

It got me thinking.

My mam always calls mince and dumplings corner puddings, my mother in law calls it corner puddings. My late dad would call it "puddings in the corner". (Even when baked in a round dish!)

I can't remember when I began calling it "mince and dumplings" but I do, as do my dear daughters.

Still whatever it's name, it's good warming traditional fare, perfect for a chilly evening.

We had ours tonight with potato and turnip (I think those from more southerly parts of the UK will call it swede) mashed together, what our Scottish neighbours would call neeps and tatties, carrots and cabbage.

Cheap, filling, warming and comforting - whatever the name.


  1. I've never heard it called Corner Puddings before. We always call it mince and dumplings. It's certainly a standard dish and very tasty too.
    Love from Mum

  2. OOhh that looks gorgeous! I've never heard of corner puddings it's always been Mince & Dumpling to me too. I feel like digging out the slow cooker now...
    Kandi x

  3. ooh dumplings! I've never heard mince and dumplings called Corner Pudding either - such a lovely name.

  4. Love this time of year for mince and tatties, long, slow cooked stews with crusted dumplings.... jacket potatoes, root veggie soups, crumbles with custard. Yum!

  5. I never heard that before! Sweet!
    pamela xxx

  6. Well! My sister and I were just discussing how to do this. My mam made sometimes just one large pan of these, ( a filler of course) We were 6 bairns and little money. But by didn't they taste good. I cannot get hold of suet here, but I suppose that you can make it yourself?? We always called them puddings in tha corner and always fought over the crispy bits.

    Thanks for sharing this and enjoy the sundays dinner.

    Best wishes, Irene your newest follower.

  7. Sounds lovely! I'd like to apologise for not sending you a birthday swap card and gift - so behind on everything! We're now moving house in a couple of weeks, as well as trying to cope with baby Oliver, so as way of an apology I'll send you a little Christmas gift and card instead. I hope that's ok! :) x

  8. Looks good, what they would call 'soul food' in the states, I always think that's a great way to describe hearty, warming food xx

  9. Love the look of those dumplings my dear!

    Now, if you 'up there' call swedes turnips, what do you call turnips?? lol

    Thankyou for your lovely comments on my blog my lovely :o)
    I do hope all is going well for you.
    Take care, and keep warm,
    Love n a big hug for you.
    Donna xx

  10. Replies
    1. I was born in Sunderland and 'puddings in the corner' was staple food when I was a kid. Cheap, tasty and very filling. My mam made it in an oblong roasting tin (no lid) and a pudding (standard suet dumpling mix) was placed in each corner. I guess you need an oven temp of about 200C. This produces a beautiful crispy topped dumpling. Tastes just as good in Surrey ( :

  11. My mum used to make pudding the corner, but instead of mince she used corned beef, one day I'll master making crispy, light and fluffy dumplings like she could!

  12. I met my husband in Sunderland and his mum used to make this dish and she called it Corner Pudding, I always looked forward to the times that she made this dish, true Gordy food. We went back to Sunderland in 2009 and his family made it for us and made me realize how simply but so tasty this dish was and how I had missed not having it.

  13. I am also originally from Sunderland and my mum used to make this with steak and kidney, in a rectangular baking dish and the dumplings were all around the edges - going to make this tonight for Italian friends who are staying with me. Steak & kidney cooked last night and ready for the dumplings when I get home tonight. can't wait. Yum yum

  14. Puddings in the corner was always a favourite of mine during those cold spells when I grew up in southwick sunderland that and panacalty...Mmmm I think I will be doing some just after Christmas for my son home from London..he loves all northern food just like his nana used to make!!

  15. Puddings in the corner are still a favourite with my family, with the addition of chopped onion or leek and baked in the corner with panack (in all it's myriad forms). Nothing quite beats it to keep the cold at bay. My granny and mum were from Sunderland. Just had some. Clean plates all round!!!

  16. My mum's from Sunderland and I grew up in Surrey so none of my friends knew them, but my husband is from Newcastle and he's never heard of them either, its purely a Sunderland dish which we're having in Melbourne Australia tonight!

  17. My mum was from Sunderland and as I grew up in Surrey none of my friends knew them. But my husband is from Newcastle and he'd never heard of them either! They are purely from Sunderland but tonight we're having them in Melbourne Australia!

  18. I grew up in Sunderland and my Mum and Nana always made this. We were just discussing it here in Switzerland (Mum is visiting where I now live) and searched for the recipe and the photo of your dish popped up! This is definitely one for the autumn. I know my kids will love it! Thank you for the trip down memory lane….

  19. I from Sunderland nana and mam made this all the time in dark nites good old fashion puddins in the corner I made it last week I'm a veggie so used veg and stock to cook the puddins bloody fab

  20. Allways had the dumplings cooked on top of hot pot (Catherine st South shields)

  21. Back in 40s50s used to have puddings in the corners on top of hot pot , mince of other meats topped with sliced potatos


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