Monday, 27 June 2011

A few of the things that have kept me busy!

Well obviously the main one is work! where we have been learning about and building castles, among all kinds of other busy things.

Then there was my granddaughter's graduation ceremony to attend. Now at this point I can hear my regular readers saying "but surely she's only 3?" 

Yes dear readers at the tender age of 3 my granddaughter has graduated from nursery. Her 4th birthday is next week and she will begin school in September. I have to admit I'm not too sure how I feel about this whole "graduation" thing. Although it was a very nice ceremony and all the parents and children seemed to enjoy it (though the children in a somewhat bemused and bewildered fashion), I can't help but think that a graduation ceremony is not really something for children. I can't think of why I feel a little uncomfortable with the whole idea, but I do. Perhaps it's just me getting old!

Graduation at 3 years old complete with cap and gown!

Then I found a cracket - I've been wanting one for ages.

What is a cracket? I hear some of you say.
The "Cracket" is thought to have originated in the coalmines of this region.It was made by miners for use as a headrest when on there backs hewing coal in the lower coal seams. From the mines they progressed into colliery houses,every house having its own Cracket.The name is thought to have been derived from folks sitting around on their stools having a bit of a "Crack"(chat). (Information taken from 

My youngest daughter moved into a new house complete with assorted outbuildings and there lying very unloved and lonely in one of the outbuildings was a cracket. Said daughter looked at me as if I was mad when I cried out "Oooh a cracket, I've wanted one for ages, can I have it? please, pretty please?" and replied "Do what you want with it, it was about to go on the bonfire." So I rescued it brought it home and washed it and now it awaits the time when I will give it the Farrow and Ball treatment.

My Cracket - looking very unlovely at the moment but hopefully not for long.

Oh and yes we went to the bike rally as I mentioned in my last post, and were very lucky with the weather. It rained a couple of times but there was sunshine between the showers and we somehow managed to avoid getting caught in the heavy ones. I'll leave you all with a look at our motorbike "posing" at sunset at The Posers Rally last weekend.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Creative Packing

We're off to a bike rally this weekend.

The Posers Rally Hosted by Druids Mcc deep in the Lincolnshire countryside.
(I just love the names they think up for these bike rallies)

So I've been busy packing - not an easy feat when you need to pack two people, a tent, an airbed, two warm sleeping bags, and two folding chairs along with required clothes and toiletries on a motorbike.

It takes a bit of creativity but over the years I think I've got it about right. It still always amazes me once we set up camp to realise that we managed to get it all compacted down to fit on the bike.

 I really look forward to this rally every year because this is the one rally in the year where I get to see my beloved brother. He moved south to Pershore a number of years ago and this is the only rally that we still both go to.

So this time tomorrow I'll be relaxing in a field, with a pint of real ale, live music in the marquee and the company of good friends ...

my brother, can't wait!


Friday, 10 June 2011

Two days - two posts!!!

I've given myself a second night off planning for work!

Well it is the start of the weekend and I can always do a bit tomorrow and Sunday.

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about the fab parcel that Pomona sent me for Lucey's button swap. Now that I know that Pomona has taken safe delivery of my end of the swap, I can safely show you what I sent her.
First up...
I bought a couple of these frames ages ago because I liked the limed look of them. I used one to frame a postcard I was given, but this one has been waiting for inspiration so I used it to frame a button heart which I glued onto a pretty backing paper.

A calico bag onto which I sewed lots of pretty little buttons.

A notebook which I also embellished with some buttons and added a ribbon place-marker complete with little heart shaped button on the end.

A lavender scented pincushion.

A vintage tin with the Queen and Prince Phillip on into which I put chocolate buttons, some real buttons and a piece of lace.

I just couldn't resist embellishing the wrapped parcels and enclosed card with buttons too!

I really love swaps, thanks to Lemonade Kitty for organising this one.


Thursday, 9 June 2011

A Grand Day Out

The other Sunday I managed a little jaunt out to the fairly recently acquired National Trust venue Seaton Deleval Hall.

It provided a well needed distraction from my current workload.

The gardens were absolutely amazing ...

such fabulous rhododendrons (or Rodneys, as we affectionately refer to them!).

An amazing Laburnum walk ...

...pretty topiary and box hedges...

... and  sparkling water feature.

The hall itself is an English baroque villa designed by Sir John Vanbrugh. 

Picture from

Unfortunately the central great hall was gutted by fire in 1822, but now provides an unusual space for the arts.

It was a lovely day out and really helped recharge the old batteries!

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