Friday, 12 October 2012

Blog o'clock!

Ooh long past time for a blog post!

Life's been so busy and tiring, I have spent what seems like every waking minute either working or thinking about work, and quite a lot of sleeping time dreaming about it too.

In September I took on a one term supply teaching assignment at a Secondary School entailing a 60 mile a day round commute.

Now I don't know if it's me getting older, the commute (beautiful but over desolate moorland roads), or the stressful nature of the job (imminent OFSTED - that actually happened this week) but I have never felt so utterley shattered by a job in my life. Maybe it's the combination of all three.

What it has done is made me take stock of what I want at this stage in my life. Up till now I have still been looking for another permanent full time teaching job, maybe another head of department role. 

No more.

These words "At the time I earnt more money than anyone else I knew but hated every minute of my existence and was a nightmare to be around. The bravest and best thing I ever did was to admit enough was enough, clear my desk, resign and reclaim my life." in this post by Vix really struck a chord and her follow up post where she said "Every morning I wake up I still thank whoever's up there for giving me the guts to escape that life and just be me." even more so.

I have made my decision that this will be the last full time, long term supply I will take on, come Christmas I will be free and will only accept short term or daily work. We have never remortgaged so our monthly repayment is a pittance and we have no outstanding debts. The children are all grown and have fled the nest so now it's time for me and what I want to do, and I want to start living my life and escape the life of a wage slave.

When the dreaded OFSTED call came earlier this week (for those of you not in the field of education, the school is informed at lunch time the day before the OFSTED visit). Lunch was immediately cut short and I was at school until 10:40 that night and back again at 7am the next morning with a sleepless night in between. As it happened I was observed by the lead inspector and received glowing feedback which prompted the head of department to ask if I would reconsider applying for the job on a permanent basis...

... no way!!!!

I have made my decision - I want my life back. I am increasingly disenchanted with our education system, I find myself feeling that like in the Pink Floyd song I am expected to put bricks in the wall - that's not what I went into teaching to do. I hate this culture of league tables and "corporate" teaching - stop the (education) world, I want to get off!

Hopefully I will soon have time for the things I want to enjoy in life - the simple things ...

... more blogging,
lunch with old friends,
picking my granddaughter up from school and making tea together,
charity shopping,
spending time on my allotment...




  1. You are so right (and brave)! I've been there with the big, important all-consuming job and also right down to the part-time filling in a bit of time job and am now applying for voluntary redundancy.
    I, too, want Me time to craft, travel and enjoy life.
    I'm sure it will be the best decision you can make xxx

  2. Well done, dont let them talk you out of it. You will not regret this decision, I promise, we only have the one life!

  3. Good for you.... and I agree with everything you have written. I don't work any more, gave up when health problems got in the way and I wanted to pursue my love of writing. Been there, done that and now it's just living the kind of life I want to, with no deadlines, nothing pressing, no stresses. My husband too, made redundant but not ready for the scrapheap and at 62 now, definitely with more to give, wanted a better life/work balance. So now he is doing something completely different as a lab technician in a secondary school (so yes I know about the stresses of Ofsted), just two and a half days a week, which gives us a great balance of life/work. I love the days on my own, love too, the days when he is around.
    This is OUR time, enjoy it.

  4. I'm absolutely thrilled for you, you won't regret it, I promise!! xxx

  5. Well done you. Enjoy your 'me' time. You won't regret your decision.
    Love from Mum

  6. I'm also thrilled for you, what a great lift you're gonna have stress free! What you are planning is my goal, I am working crazy hours in a stressy job but I hate it, I plan to stop as soon as my boys are at an age where I do not need the income I am on now, hopefully 5 years time.
    It's one life, live it! xx

  7. Hi...I've arrived at your lovely blog via that of Maggie, where you'd left a comment. I'm with you all the way on this; if you can manage financially early retirement is definitely the way to go! I've just turned 61, my husband a year older, and we retired from the Health Service 2 years ago. We both loved our jobs but not the cr*p which went with it. The constanct changes which gain nothing, the feeling of not being valued, seeing colleagues badly treated by faceless, upper-management. we neither of us has any regrets, and like you, we face each new morning with a smile. We've never been so busy, both together and also with our seperate interests, but we are having the time of our lives. I'm sure you will too. Good luck for your happier future!

  8. Congratulations on your successful observation - espcially difficult to achieve on a short term contract! Bet you can't wait for the halfterm break. We are in a similar pre-Ofsted limbo. I've never worked so hard in my life (and this is my 24 consecutive year of teaching!) Jx

  9. What a brave thing to admit, like you I was so incredibly inspired by Vix's words in that post. Sometimes in life you just have to follow your heart.
    Liking the new blog layout also, good job xxx

  10. Just seen this post so a bit late commenting..sorry..but I am 100% in agreement with you and applaud your decision.

    I bet life starts to become a real joy for you when you are not buckling under the all those demands.

  11. well done - too much of a commute - bet you enjoy actually teaching but it isn't the same job any more - take care

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  14. Good for you! I worked as an admin for the last few years, am past retirement age and was axed last spring. I'm currently couch-surfing at my mother's, getting ready to earn money some other way. It's scary to let go of what you know, but I, too, believe it will be worth it in the end to take another path . . . Hang in there! ~ Linne


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