Tuesday, 13 July 2010

... and so to bed.

Over on the MSE old style forum today someone posted asking if anyone used the old fashioned bottom sheet, top sheet, blankets and bedspread as opposed to the modern duvet. I have a thing about vintage bed linen and have a small collection of Durham quilts, but I must say I prefer a duvet to blankets however I prefer the look of a traditionally made bed.

Solution - to make up the bed traditionally but continue to use the duvet in place of the blanket layer.

Now I do have to confess that when it comes to my bed I like my comfort, to me your bed should be a haven of snuggledom. My bed is over 100 years old, it is a high wooden Edwardian bed, with the original sprung metal base. We bought it off EBay for the bargainous sum of £25. We were offered the original horsehair mattress with the bed!!  but I like my comfort so it does have a modern sprung mattress.

The bed is then topped with a 4" feather mattress topper that I got from halfcost.co.uk a couple of years back for only £7.99!

Then comes a vintage plain white cotton sheet, followed by an embellished top sheet. I also like to use vintage pillowcases.

In colder weather I then put the duvet on, but as it's warm at the moment I'm missing that out. Finally I put on one of my Durham quilts.

I love these quilts, they are all hand stiched and must have taken hours of time. I also love the fact that they are a piece of local history.

The embroidery on the top sheet.

Bedside lamp.


  1. Your bed is so beautiful :) I just love old syle bedrooms they look so much cosier :)

  2. I love your bed, it's gorgeous and only £25 - what a fab bargain. The covers also look lovely, very inviting!!

  3. I flippin love your bed, the bed, the linen, the lamp - perfect! x


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