Friday, 2 July 2010

Disappointment and Compensation

To say this week has held a few disappointments is an understatement, all in all it's not been a great week. With this in mind I thought we would spoil ourselves a bit and eat out tonight. We decided to go to a pub in a little village about 7 miles away, we'd been there three times before and always had quite a good experience so we didn't expect to be disappointed - but we were.

We ordered king prawns with a lime and chilli butter glaze - we got insipid king prawns on a bed of lettuce with a slice of cucumber and a slice of tomato with a hint of butter - no whiff of either chilli or lime.

Main course - Lamb leg steak with lyonnaise potatoes served with a red wine jus - we got a "steak" that was UNDER 1/4" thick and all of 4" in diameter with a few halved potatoes and a slice of onion on a pool of what tasted like a packet mix red wine gravy stuff, with this came veg - cauliflower and broccoli.

Yes I know we should have complained instead of pathetically saying "yes everything was fine" when asked by the waitress, but to be honest I couldn't have been bothered with the hassle.

We arrived home not only disappointed but hungry. So...

Toasted some homemade wholemeal bread, fried off some chopped bacon, onion and mushrooms and piled them on top and then topped with mature cheddar and grilled till melted - served with alcohol:

That's compensation!

1 comment:

  1. Looks yummy!!!! Shame about your bad meal out though.


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