Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Granny Cushion

I had a few granny squares lying around from when I was first learning to crochet them. Not enough to make up into a blanket or anything like that and not enough wool to make more that would match. 

They have languished unloved and forgotten on a shelf in my craft cupboard for far too long. I needed to do something with them, so I came up with this...

I joined up 9 of the squares, and used some pieces from an old purple curtain to line and back it with, et voila a cushion cover. but it needed ... something?

I couldn't resist trying out the little flower pattern from a recent issue of Mollie Makes, so I embellished it with two little crocheted flowers.

What do you think?

Linda xxx

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Pizza Night

Last night was a pizza night in our house.

Home made of course.

I decided to make a wholemeal base, in an attempt to make things healthier, and made home made coleslaw using red cabbage and red onion as a side dish.

I topped one with a traditional tomato topping then added a couple of mushrooms and some chopped cooked bacon rashers, then a mixture of mozzarella and cheddar.

Then I did a bit of an experiment (for  me) and made a "white" pizza.

Same wholemeal base, but then rubbed liberally with basil flavoured olive oil which I then sprinkled with chopped garlic, mozarella cheese, and chopped fresh rosemary. Sliced pre boiled potatoes over that and finally an extra sprinkling of cheddar and final drizzle with more basil flavoured olive oil.

Dave's favourite was still the tomato topped one which I knew it would be, though he did declare the white pizza "very nice" - I on the other hand preferred the white pizza, the subtle combination of garlic rosemary and basil paired with the potatoes and olive oil was just fantastic.

Off out now to meet up for a day of shopping and nattering with one of my oldest friends.

Linda xxx.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Small, beautiful, and ever so practical.

We went for a jaunt over to nearby Raby Castle at the weekend for a Vintage Vehicle Show.
I couldn't help but photograph this most amazingly thought out tiny caravan.

It looked quite Art Deco in it's lovely shiny polished steel exterior.


Just large enough for a double mattress, but beautifully co-ordinated,

including storage and shelving, and isn't that the cutest little red television?

There is even a tiny wardrobe space!

The outside spaces around this caravan are no less well thought out.

Here's the kitchen, including co-ordinated storage & fridge.

The bathroom! - well ok fair weather ablutions area.

And finally "the dining room" complete with co-ordinating retro radio.

Only really practical in good weather, but I just loved the ingenuity and overall look of this "tinyvan"

Don't you?

Linda xxx

Monday, 22 August 2011

Post op update and vintage finds.

Thank you for all your kind wishes and support on Flic's recent operation. I can report that it all went well, she was very brave and didn't cry once! It seems to have gone very well and her eye is now on the way to recovery.

I promised to show you some of my recent haul from charity shopping and car booting, so here goes:

First up a huge bundle of vintage linen. This not only includes the items shown in the picture above but also those in the picture below. There are napkins, table runners, tray cloths and doilies, and the whole lot was only

This pretty pink bunny,
Her dress has an opening at the back so that it acts as a storage bag, I think it was originally designed for storing clean nappies, but it is now hanging on the door of the room that I decorated for when Flic comes to stay and will be used as a laundry bag.

Next up is another item that I got to put in Flic's room. You may remember from this post that there is a bit of a "rabbit" theme going on in this room and that a certain "Peter Rabbit" features pretty highly, so I was very pleased to get this little teapot for only 20p.

Then I had to be a little bit sneaky to get away with buying this next bit of nostalgic loveliness, because while to me Lloyd Loom items are something I greatly desire and look upon as items of charming nostalgia, they are to my dear husband Dave items of hideous ugliness.

My daughter Eleanore was at the midweek car booty with me when she spied this and pointed it out. I tried to resist knowing that Dave wouldn't like it, but then thought well I'll ask the price and if it's £5 or less I'll buy it - I was sure it would be more, but when the stallholder said £5, it would have been rude not to buy it  - it would? wouldn't it? 

Initially I snuck the linen bin in while Dave was at work and then just casually mentioned something about my new linen bin when talking about the washing. 

After much tutting and frowning he gave in wisely decided that it can stay so long as it doesn't remain gold - so that's ok as I was planning on spraying it cream.

He did however like my next little item.

A 1930's handmade wooden tray with a hand embroidered inset, a bargain at only £1.50. It needs a protective covering over the embroidery and would most likely have been covered in glass. Dave has promised to have a piece of perspex cut to fit and this will then be a lovely little bedside tray to hold my bakelite travelling alarm clock and little cut glass posy vase. I'll let you see it in situ when it gets it's new top.

Linda xxx

Thursday, 18 August 2011

An early start tomorrow, but first just a little make.

Tomorrow will be an early start as it is the day that my little granddaughter Flic goes for corrective surgery on her "lazy eye".

Glasses and patches haven't worked so now she needs to have surgery to correct her squint. I am going along as support for her mam who is obviously dreading the whole thing, and it will be an early start as we have to be at the hospital for 6.45 a.m!!!

It is day surgery so hopefully by this time tomorrow it will all be over and Flic and her mam will be safely back home with little more than some discomfort.

I have had time for a little make and by now the recipient should have got this in the post so I can show it to you.

A kilt pin brooch with a "heart" theme, mounted on a tarot card.

I've also done some charity shopping and boot sales, but I haven't had time to take pictures yet so will leave those to my next post.

Linda xxx

Thursday, 11 August 2011

I'm back...

...from my holiday in "sunny" Scotland. (Actually for the most part the weather wasn't too bad - it's been far worse since we returned.)

Before I tell you a bit about my holiday though, I must show you the lovely goodies I received from Amanda for the fabric swap which Kandi kindly arranged.

So much loveliness!! Amanda has obviously done her research on me - I absolutely love everything. aren't those beautifully colourful hand crocheted  coasters wonderful? And so much luscious fabric to play with. A big thank you to Amanda and also to Kandi for organising the swap.

Now to bore you tell you about my holiday.
Back in January I told you about our frugal holiday plans and how we had booked a caravan costing only 
£190 for the week. Because the caravan was four berth we decided to invite along our middle daughter and darling granddaughter Flic.

The caravan was fantastically clean and had everything we needed including fantastic views.

 In the distance Castle Tioram.

We spent some time exploring around the castle which is sited on the rocky tidal island of Eilean Tioram. 
Flic loved exploring the tidal pools and spying out crabs.

We also went on The Jacobite steam train journey from Fort William to Mallaig and crossed over the famous "Harry Potter" (actually the Glenfinnan) viaduct.

We took the mountain gondola up Aonach Mor. The gondolas take you from 300ft to 2150ft up the north face of Aonach Mor the eighth highest mountain in Britain.

Flic loved waving at the occupants of every gondola that we passed, and the views from the top were amazing.

We had a genuinely sunny day for our picnic on the Silver Sands of Morar where Local Hero and Highlander were filmed. The beaches here are truly stunning with beautifully fine silver sand an turquoise sea.

Flic loved playing with mam in the sea.

We took the ferry from Kilchoan to Tobermory Balamory which Flic recognised instantly excitedly telling us all that we were in Balamory! It was an overcast, drizzly, chilly sort of day so we headed straight for the cafe at the Tobermory Chocolate shop where both Flic and her mum had "death by hot chocolate" a huge glass with hot chocolate made with melted chocolate and milk, topped with marshmallows, malteesers, whipped cream and grated dark chocolate. I think come winter we will recreate these at home (minus the horrendous price tag of £4 each!!!!!)

On our last day we visited the Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary. We adults were very disappointed at this, it was very expensive - tickets were £13.20 each, though luckily enough we had a voucher for a free childs ticket (£11.20!) for Flic. Although they stress that tickets are valid all day and you can come and go as you please there is really not enough there to entertain for more than an hour or so. The facilities are also very run down with only one tiny seal pool open- the other one drained - and that with water so filthy you could only see one of the two seals if they came right to the surface. However Flic loved seeing all the "fishies" and the "mister crabbies" and she was the main reason for visiting so not a wasted journey.

It was wonderful for Dave and I to spend a whole week with my daughter and granddaughter and to see world through the eyes of a 4 year old where everything is a wonder and an adventure.

Love Linda xxx

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