Friday, 30 November 2012

Let's have a bit of frugal luxury!

Frugal AND luxury in the same phrase???

Well according to one online dictionary frugal is defined as:

Practicing or marked by economy, as in the expenditure of money or the use of material resources.

And luxury is defined as:

  Something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort.

Sooo... in my way of thinking it is quite possible to have something that is condusive to pleasure and comfort whilst still being economical in the use of resources.

I'm thinking... 

...snuggling on a squishy sofa under a cosy quilt on a cold winters day.
... climbing into bed between freshly laundered sheets.
...a lovely hot relaxing bath.

Oh there are so many things that can be defined as luxury without a huge wasteful expenditure of cash.

I'm all for frugal living, but let's not confuse frugal with cheap and, or miserley. 
Oh no! 
Frugal should be positive. 
Frugal should allow luxury.  
Frugal should be luxurious!

In fact , my opinion is that by living frugally and making sure that we make the best and most efficient use of our resources we enable ourselves to live more luxurious lives, not less.

Another definition of luxury that I found online described it as:

Something expensive or hard to obtain.


Luxury does not have to be either expensive or hard to obtain.

I'm all for injecting little nuggets of luxury into my life wherever possible, it's what makes life's journey pleasurable.  So I thought I'd take the opportunity that blogging provides to do a little series of posts about my little frugal luxuries.

The things I do and create that inject a feeling of luxury or indulgence, but fit within the definition of economy of expenditure and resources.

So each weekend I will be posting "A Little Something for the Weekend"  beginning tomorrow with a post about this deliciously luxurious...

...artisan bread.

See you then. 


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

All aboard for The Polar Express!!!

 On Sunday evening my daughter, granddaughter and myself were booked on The Polar Express!!!! 

We live only yards away from Frosterley Station on The Weardale Railway line, and this year they are running The Polar Express.

The train ride is inspired by the book by Chris Van Allsburg and of course the film, it has previously only been available in America.  

The ride begins at Stanhope Station only 2 miles from my house, where we picked up our tickets. 
We wore our Jim Jams of course!

Once we were on our way the ticket collector punched the tickets...

...singing chefs' entertained and delivered hot chocolate and cookies.

There was a great deal of jollity and fun as we wound our way through the night to the North Pole, where we picked up the big man himself!!!

Santa gave each child their own special bell.

Flic declared "I can hear it! I believe!!"

We had a magical time. Flic's face was a picture, so full of wonder!

Yes it was a bit expensive, and to critical adult eyes there were one or two things that could have been improved on but the reaction of my granddaughter and the obvious awe and amazement that she experienced throughout the whole trip made it priceless.

Linda xxx

Monday, 12 November 2012

The Bustle Skirt at Whitby Goth Weekend

Eleanore my eldest daughter invited me to go to Whitby for the day during the recent Goth weekend.

Initially I was sceptical. I worried I'd look like mutton dressed as lamb, but she persuaded me that there were people of all ages who loved dressing up for the Goth weekends, and she assured me I'd love the stalls and the shopping.


off we went. 

I didn't regret it, she was right. There were people of all ages in the most wonderful costumes.

I did love the wares on sale too and bought myself a Deco style clock ...


wait for it...

a Top Hat!!!

Well I had to didn't I???  Eleanore and her friend both had on the most splendid top hats.

 Eleanore in her hat...

...and her friend Rachel in hers.

Don't the girls look amazing?
 Eleanore (the one in the blue) made the skirt that she wore. The picture really doesn't do it justice, it had three layers of gorgeous bustle at the back all trimmed with black lace, she looked amazing, as did her lovely friend.

Eleanore's boyfriend also accompanied us and Dave was dragged along as designated driver, but neither of them could be persuaded to dress for the occasion. They did both enjoy perusing the custom car show however.

You can make out Dave's reflection in this car as he takes the photograph.

And there's Stu, Eleanore's boyfriend in the background wearing the band hoodie and camo trousers.

They ended up in the pub, where we joined them after our little shopping expedition for a pint or three of real ale.

I really enjoyed the day out, so much so we are all planning on going again in April and I'm already planning my outfit.

Linda xxx

Monday, 5 November 2012

Halloween swap

The lovely Blueberry Heart organised a Haunting Halloween Swap and partnered me with a brilliant swap partner Crafty Helen.

Helen sent me a fabulous parcel of Halloween goodies.

There were pumpkin goodies galore:

  • Lanterns both paper and glass
  • Beautifully made pumpkin bunting
  • A very cute knitted pumpkin pincushion
  • A wooden pumpkin decorated happy halloween sign.
  • Pumpkin tablecloth
  • Pumpkin spice yankee tart.

If that wasn't enough:
  • A selection of halloween ribbons
  • Beaded heart
  • Cupcake toppers
  • Halloween cupcake stand
  • Gel window decoration.
 It was such a fab parcel and cheered me up no end, so big thank yous to both Helen and Blueberry Heart.

I was so busy I forgot to take any photographs of what I sent to Helen, but she has posted about the swap here.

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