Friday, 7 January 2011

Return to School Arghhhh

Well we've come to the end of our first week of 2011.

How's it been for you?

Better so far? Much the same? Or worse?

The new job has started and have to say not very well.
I was told not to worry about what I would be teaching or about any planning over Christmas as a supply teacher would be retained for the first week to ensure that I was given a proper induction. I arrive Tueday morning to be told "sorry we haven't got a supply teacher, your teaching three lessons of science this morning, but an HLTA (Higher Level Teching Assistant) has prepared some work and will be in with you." We are directed to work over lunchtimes supervising the pupils (even though this is illegal) and there is a staff meeting every Tuesday until 5pm (so an hour and a half when legally they aren't supposed to last more than an hour. ) Result being 1st day at new job working 8.30 - 5pm without any breaks, then shopping for food technology which I was to teach next day (planning for off the top of my head as I walk around the supermarket) Home for 7.30pm, quick moan to daughter and other half, prepare and eat a quick pasta dish then planning for next day's science and food tech lessons!
I'm shattered already and it's only the first week.


This in addition to pupils who throw chairs and other objects around in a hissy fit everytime they don't get their own way, swear constantly and tell you to f*** off at every opportunity - little darlings! It isn't all negative though, I am teaching food technology but am not expected to teach all that design a sandwich rubbish that previously dominated food technology. (I trained as a Business Studies teacher, but have never taught that since graduating!)  I'm able to teach the little darlings to make real food - and one heartening thing in this age of ping! food is how much they enjoy cooking. One of them asked me today if I was a "proper" chef, and when I said no, he said "well you should have been one miss, you're really good and know how to do everything proper like" (we were making pizza from scratch using flour, yeast, olive oil etc.)

Then another plus today was that I didn't need to cook when I got home tonight as my dear husband announced he was treating me to "happy hour" at the Italian restautrant in the next village to cheer me up.

I've had Ribs in Buon Appetito's special sauce -yum,
followed by Penne al Forno - yum, yum...
followed by Profiteroles - yum, yum, yum.

Off to crack open a bottle of red wine...
and just keep thinking it's only six weeks now to the next holiday!


  1. What a tough week. You thoroughly deserve a lovely meal - and lovely hubsband aswell;) Well done!

  2. I'm with Pamela. Enjoy your weekend and I hope that next week will be a whole lot better.

  3. Oh my goodness! What a star your hubby is! You definately deserved that meal out :0)
    After all the horrible things this week, it must have been nice to hear that lad say how good you are at cooking ...enthusiasm there from 'em then?..
    Have you thought about doing some sort of cooking as your 'next move'?
    Have a good wekend anyway.
    take care,
    Donna x

  4. Oh what a week! It sounds like they are taking the mick, can you not nip that in the bud now before it becomes the norm? Perhaps it's a blessing that it's just temporary you can keep your options open without feeling too torn!
    Wish I was in your class ~ did you ever watch Rodger and Val with Dawn French - she was a home economics teacher and she took the kids food home each night for their dinner, she even got them to iron her curtains, all in the name of education :)
    Kandi x

  5. Think they're beyond the nipping in the bud stage - it's a Pupil Referral Unit or PRU for short that means that all of these pupils have been permantently excluded from their mainstream secondary schools for their persistent behavioural problems - honestly if you saw them sometimes leaping on and over tables, whilst swearing at each other and throwing anything they can get their hands on you could be mistaken for thinking you had walked into some extreme parody! I didn't ever see the program you mentioned but it made me laugh at the memory of my first two terms as a SENCo in a mainstream school. Every Friday afternoon I accompanied a group of our "challenging" pupils to a local college where they did catering. The lecturer used to let me join in the class so I always took home our tea, but a lot of the pupils felt it uncool to walk home with their food so I would take it back into school with me and the teaching assistants would take the spares home with them for theit tea!

  6. Wow - sounds a tough first week and place to work.

    Sounds thought the kids might appreciate learning to cook properly - you might actually make a difference to their future lives.

  7. Oh hun.....sounds like a really tough time for you. Hats off to you x x x
    I've worked with challenging pupils all my life....sometimes it's been hard to smile I have to say.
    Hang in there hun....
    A positive always comes from a neagative....
    (( BIG hugs))
    Try and enjoy your weekend with your family hun
    x x x

  8. Sound like you have had a fun week.NOT
    Do they think you can work miracles with no work prep no teacher. I think they are taking the mick.
    Hope next week is better for you. have some more wine a big long soak in the bath.

  9. Oh poor you! My friend works in a tough inner city school where they are always chucking chairs, screaming abuse and pulling knives. She was dreading going back. I don't know how you do it, you have my utmost admiration.
    Enjoy your wine. xxx

  10. Oh what a horrible start. My best friend's a teacher and she finds it a tough job without al te extra hasle you've mentioned. I hope next week's a bit better and at least they're impressed with your pizza making skills. I always feel sad for these sort of children as it's unlikely they'll change and history then seems to repeat itself when they have their own children x

  11. Crikey, that sounds horrendous! Sounds like you're a brilliant food tech teacher though - I spent 2 years designing sandwiches whilst my teacher sat and read magazines :( I would have loved the chance to make things from scratch!

  12. That sounds rubbish, hope this week is better! You definitely deserved a lovely meal!
    I've given you a blog award, visit my blog to see. :) x


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