Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Beaded Hearts

I can't believe it's almost a whole week since I last posted.

Things at work have continued to be hectic and increasingly stressful, culminating in a mock ofsted inspection today.

The pupils were at least as badly behaved as ever and in some cases much worse but I have come through it and not only am I feeling relief that the pressure's off for a little while (well until the real thing!) but pleased that I received very positive feedback on my lesson.

 I have been making sure that I make a little "me" time and have attempted to relax by making some beaded hearts.

They are made by simply threading beads onto wire, then twisting the two ends together and bending into shape. I then added ribbon et voila!

The red and silver heart is made with a mixture of round glass faceted beads and red bicones interspersed with small silver coloured beads that I recycled from a Primark necklace. The cream and gold heart is made entirely from beads recycled from a Primark bracelet and the wooden beads are some that I bought when I first started jewellery making, but have never got around to using till now.


  1. Hi hunny!
    Lovely makes x
    Glad you're finding time for you.
    Karen x x x

  2. Hi.

    These are so pretty - lovely beads and a great way to recycle :O)
    Jo x

  3. They are really special, I have a mountain of beads I should make some of these. Sorry work has been stressful, same at my place but we will get there!
    Kandi x

  4. Snap - I made a beaded heart today - needed something to go on a birthday card - had wire & beads so decided a heart was the way to go.

    It made a change from the button hearts I often make.

    Yours look lovely - great idea to recycle old jewellery.

  5. Nothing like a bit of creativity to re-energise.
    Those are so pretty and it's not long till half-term now, my friends are already on countdown. xxx

  6. Those are really pretty. I've never worked with beads before ~ they look a bit scary when you look at wire and tools etc :) Im quite happy to look at all the lovelies that everyone else makes with beads. Roll on half term xx

  7. The beaded hearts are lovely, I particularly love the cream one. It's always good to recycle old jewellery too x

  8. Well done on the postive feedback from the mock inspection, I know my dad (he's a primary head teacher) hates them too (well I guess no-one likes them) and is extremely stressed when they happen. Love the beaded hearts, they are very pretty! :) x

  9. Pretties! I've been playing with beads and wire recently too but not come up with anything other than bracelets at the mo. The hearts are such a nice idea. x

  10. Nice beaded hearts. Great way to release stress.

  11. The beaded hearts are a lovely idea - and look great - well done! And well done on getting through the mock ofsted - awful, aren't they?!


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