Sunday, 26 January 2014

Rest & Relaxation

I posted about  booking our holiday  last year in this post.

Our holiday accommodation last year.

I never got to post about the actual holiday as it was booked to start the day following my mother's funeral. Not the best start to a holiday, but I knew my mam would not have wanted us to cancel. We holidayed with my middle daughter, Rachael, and granddaughter, Felicity and posted earlier in January, it was just what I needed. The cottage was a wonderful place to retreat to and relax, we were fortunate with the weather and every evening was spent on the beach building sandcastles.

Ta Da!!!

So where is this leading?

Well...  we do enjoy a weekend away! Weekends away are our little indulgence, indeed they are my main reason for trying to live as frugally as possible. We don't need to spend a fortune or do anything fancy, it's just that a change of scenery and tempo helps us keep our sanity. We usually indulge in a little weekend R&R to celebrate our respective birthdays and as next weekend will be Dave's birthday, what better reason excuse could there be?

We are heading back to the cottage we spent our summer holiday in.  As we are not expecting the glorious sunshine we got earlier in the year we will have the perfect excuse to  light this...


and cosy up with a good book.

Our good friends from Dunoon will be joining us there,  we are so looking forward to catching up with them, some good food, good company and of course a little of the old vino.



  1. Hellooo! It was so lovely to get your comment. Thank you chick. My blog reading has been a bit sporadic lately and I've only just sat down to catch up with your last few posts. I was shocked to read what you went through last year. I'm so sorry that you had such an awful time. Are you feeling a bit better now? I know you never get over losing your loved ones (my sister died a few years ago) but I think we find a new shape to our lives and slowly we get used to it. I wish I'd been able to be more supportive of you at the time. Sending love and hugs to you xxxx

  2. Hello lovely....your cottage looks a real beauty and simply perfect to chill out in.
    You enjoy every minute hun!
    Tilly x

  3. What a perfect looking retreat and what a perfect place to relax and recoup. Enjoy your break you deserve it. As a granny who loves these little indulgences too I say go enjoy yourself.

  4. Enjoy your break and many happy returns to Dave. My DHs birthday last week and am taking him to Ronnie Scott's tomorrow as was his birthday wish. As it was a 'special birthday' he shall have his wish.

  5. I bet you will have a fabulous time away.


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