Friday, 3 January 2014

A Tribute to Bloggers Everywhere

Often in blogland we paint a rosie picture (though not always). This is not an attempt to deceive, nor an attempt to appear perfect, merely that we don't wish to put a downer on things, and, myself included - we tend to post about our successes and gloss over failures. Yes we will often mention in passing when life overwhelms us with obstacles to be endured or overcome, but this often then signals a bloggy break, as indeed it did for myself.

I think we like to keep this little corner of our lives for positives and indeed it is a very positive space. I have returned to blogging after a 6 month absence and have been welcomed back with open arms and messages of support and hope. 

I appreciate them, each and every one. I also realise that for every one who posts a comment there will be at least another who will have read my post and will empathise with me even though they don't leave a comment.

During my absence I have lurked on the edges of blogdom, reading posts by others, taking comfort, inspiration, and support from them. I have rarely commented, but I have tagged along and even that small contact has helped keep me sane.

To bloggers everywhere xxx


  1. Just catching up with your blog posts I'm so sorry for your losses. it's lovely to see you back in blog land wishing you all the very best wishes for 2014 xx

  2. Its lovely to have you back here in blog land. Thanks for your comment re. the crochet blanket challenge, hope you join in!


  3. You are right, its a little bit of sanity when things can overwhelm you x


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