Monday, 3 March 2014

Spread a Little Love Swap

I know, I know, I'm very late with this post, I really do need to get my blogging self organised. Hopefully Joy at Daisy Row who was my most excellent swap partner will forgive my tardiness.

Back in December I signed up for The Spread a Little Love Swap  which was to be completed in February.

I received a wonderful parcel of love from Joy.

A gorgeous hand knitted red scarf to keep me cosy on frosty mornings. (I am in awe of those who can knit - I've yet to manage to master that skill). A really beautifully made blue heart broach, a pretty notepad, a bag of beautiful buttons, sequin trim and colourful paperclips. Last but not least a selection of beautiful cheese. The cheese was particularly thoughtful as one of the items specified was "something deliciously edible" and Joy had read on my blog that I have been recently diagnosed with diabetes. She was so considerate and realising that chocolate was now sadly off the menu for me, she emailed me to ask if I liked cheese, which of course I do. I was overwhelmed at such amazing kindness.

And what did I send Joy?

A handmade memory wire bracelet, a heart printed cup containing a sachet of cappuccino and a choccie biscuit, a cupcake biscuit pop, some bath bombs, a heart shaped tin containing chocolate hearts, a love hearts scented candle and a little embroidered notebook.

Another fabulous swap!


  1. What a wonderful batch of goodies!

    I did this swap too. In fact, my first ever swap was a heart-themed one, and I was partnered with you! I still have the heart you made hanging in my living room.


  2. I would actually prefer the cheese over chocolate! Really nice package!

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed the swap you sent and received some wonderful things - the cheese idea was brilliant xx


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