Thursday, 9 January 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket, Square One.

Inspired by this post on Moonstruck creations, I have decided to take up the challenge!

It is based on a post by Hazel's Crochet, the idea being to create either a granny square each week for the whole year (52 squares in all) or if you are the enthusiastic type one each day (365 squares in all).

Being realistic I know I have no chance of making a square each day, I have neither the time nor quite frankly the staying power for such a commitment, but one a week? Well I think I can mange that!

The original challenge is to use a colour that reflects your mood at the time. Well I am not about to rush out and buy any yarn especially for this project, reduce, reuse and recycle are my watchwords for the coming year. With that in mind I will be limited to choosing from what I've got, can recycle or can purchase cheaply. Initially I am going for using up what I've got.

So here's the first of the squares ...

...and the mood cautiously optomistic. 

I chose a greenish shade as I'm looking forward to spring and the new growth it brings both practically and metaphorically, whilst it is a pastel colour to represent the cautiousness I feel.

1st one complete - 51 to go!


  1. These will make a nice warm throw when they are all done. I admire your commitment and wish I could crochet so that I could have a go as well. It's one of those skills I've never managed to acquire in spite of several attempts!

  2. I really love the idea of this, some people on my IG feed are doing it. It makes me wish I could crochet.

  3. So happy you are joining in the challenge!

    It will be lovely to see what we all end up with. And I am absolutely with you re. reducing./recycling and keeping things as inexpensive as possible, I'm using up my stash as well.


  4. What a great idea. At the end you could tell what sort of year you have REALLY had! I'm busy with a blanket in the same design as Attic 24's, however it is one that I keep going back to so I am about two years in!! It's a great way to use up some stash. Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  5. I really love the idea of this but I'm not sure I would keep up as I have so many other things I would like to make. I really like your description about your choice of colour it will be interesting to see how it changes week to week x


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