Thursday, 12 July 2012

Today -between 7am and 9 am it was summer!

Dave got up for work at 6am this morning, looked out of the window and declared "it's lovely out there!".

A quick check to make certain I hadn't heard things wrong saw me scrambling out of bed to make the most of what looked to be a glorious day.

The view from my back gate at 6.30am this morning.
By 7am I was strolling to the allotment complete with small frying pan, a slice of bacon, an egg and a bread bun as well as a flask of coffee.

I took my time, enjoying the early morning sun and the peaceful sound of birdsong.

Looking out over the railway line to the fells beyond.

Walking along the dappled path behind the churchyard.
I love the way the sunlight streams through
the overhanging branches.

Watching rabbits play by the railway line.

Across the river...
Still swollen from all the rain.

Then on to the allotment (unfortunately no more photographs because my battery ran out) where I made myself a bacon and egg sandwich and drank my coffee before tackling the weeding.

Why is it that weeds seem to grow much faster than my vegetables?

Unfortunately although the morning held such promise for a summery day by 9am it had started to cloud over and by 9.30 the sun had gone and the grey clouds that seem to be the norm at the moment were back.

At least it has stayed dry today and I feel so pleased that I got out of bed early and made the most of the brief spell of sunshine.

Linda xxx


  1. And you got some weeding done - can't be bad. It's been glorious all day here today.
    Love from Mum

  2. You have to make the most of these summery moments don't you, and what better than an egg and bacon bap in the open air? Yum...

  3. Well done for getting up early and making the most of the brief sunshine! Gorgeous photos! :) x

  4. There just seems to be no end to the wet weather this Summer, does there. How is your garden faring, considering the lack of sun?



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