Friday, 20 July 2012

A lunch from leftovers.

Now I think I've made this clear before - I hate waste!

 I don't always manage to avoid waste - hey! I'm only human ; D
but whenever possible I save any leftovers for another meal.

We had chilli for tea the other night and there was a tiny bit left. Not enough to do another meal even for one but I wasn't going to throw it out. At lunch time the next day I began thinking about what to have, there was only me so I knew that my conscience would insist I use the chilli.

I also had a single sorry naan bread in the bread bin so first thoughts were heat up tiny bit of chilli and make a wrap type thingy with the naan bread. Well that idea just didn't get the juices flowing and frankly just didn't appeal. 

Back to the drawing board - eureka!

Chilli Pizza.

Naan bread topped with leftover chilli and sprinkled with grated cheese.

Popped into the oven for just 5 minutes ... voila!

Guilt free lunch and delicious to boot.



  1. Lovely... leftovers can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but like you, I enjoy coming up with something different. I recently started to use soft tortillas, and used some leftover chicken, shredded and mixed with over ripe tomato and grated cheese to act as a filler for a tortilla sandwich, quickly done in a large dry frying pan on the hob.

  2. Mmmmm it looks lush! I have just finished making a little thing for your swap and I'm now ready to post out. I will pop it in the post for you later this week. xx

  3. That looks delicious! Now I shall go and turn OUR leftovers [curry] into filling for jacket potatoes!

    btw, really enjoying your blog! x

  4. What a great use of leftovers! MMMMMMMMmmmmm! x

  5. That looks scrummy! I think I will have to make an additional helping of chilli next time just so that I can make a chilli pizza x

  6. Hi, I'm with you on not wasting food. Or anything else for that matter. Waste not want not . . . that is the way I was raised. Sometimes you come up with some yummy varieties, when using up leftovers. Your dish looks delicious. I just discovered your blog and as soon as I'm through typing this comment, I'm going to hit the follow button. Please come over for a visit, hopefully you will like my blog enough to follow me back. Have a marvelous day . . . Connie :)


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