Friday, 6 July 2012

It's been a while, but back with a new look.

Ooops! I didn't post once in the month of June.

No excuses, I think the good bad old British weather has just been getting me down. 

But, I've now come to the conclusion that though the weather isn't summery we'll just have to make the most of what we've got and carve out a little bit of summer in spite of it.

I've begun with a little overhaul of my blog to make it just a little more summery. 

Then there has been the opportunity for one or two walks between downpours, albeit with dear granddaughter still in winter woolies!

And, I have made a pretty summery nightdress for said granddaughter by upcycling the underskirt of a 99p charity shop buy. I unpicked the underskirt from the dress which I bought for the fabric, and added stretch lace to fit around Flic's chest and stretch lace straps. She was absolutely delighted with it and I still have some lovely summery pink floral fabric from the dress itself for another project.

We have also had our first pickings from the allotment.

Not a lot I grant you, just a few cabbage thinnings and some leaves from the "salad bowl" cut and come again lettuce, but at least it's something and it's homegrown.

But if confirmation is needed that it really is summer, despite the awful weather - I have made my first elderflower cordial of the year, and as everyone knows elderflower cordial is summer in a bottle. So there you have it - I have the summer and it's currently residing in a bottle in my kitchen!

Love Linda 


  1. Great to see you back and blogging again, Linda!
    Loving the new look blog, your background is simply adorable!
    Sue xxx

  2. Lovely post Linda:) such a sweet girl and very nice job with the upcycling! I haven't blogged in six months, been through quite a few changes in that time so I will update soon! Putting our names down for an allotment this week - eek!
    *hug* pamela xxx

  3. Hi Linda, lovely to see you back in Blog Land. Nice to see some of your produce - we're currently eating kale, strawberries and gooseberries. Not so sure how the tomatoes and potatoes are going to turn out; its a case of watch and see. I love the nightdress you made for your grand-daughter, so cute! ... :0)

  4. hellooo . yes weather terrible. no summer as such. lovely night dress. very pretty. x

  5. I love the new look it's all fresh and vibrant! That nightdress is a brilliant make and to think that was the bit you would have thrown out! I have not forgotten our swap I'm quietly gathering and making away in the background. Give me a shout when you are ready to post out and I will pull my finger out :0) xx

  6. How clever you are - that nightie is lovely, so pretty and vintagey looking x

  7. I think your new look is fab

    And the nightdress is so pretty - well done you x

  8. Good to see you back, lovely granddaughter x


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