Thursday, 25 August 2011

Small, beautiful, and ever so practical.

We went for a jaunt over to nearby Raby Castle at the weekend for a Vintage Vehicle Show.
I couldn't help but photograph this most amazingly thought out tiny caravan.

It looked quite Art Deco in it's lovely shiny polished steel exterior.


Just large enough for a double mattress, but beautifully co-ordinated,

including storage and shelving, and isn't that the cutest little red television?

There is even a tiny wardrobe space!

The outside spaces around this caravan are no less well thought out.

Here's the kitchen, including co-ordinated storage & fridge.

The bathroom! - well ok fair weather ablutions area.

And finally "the dining room" complete with co-ordinating retro radio.

Only really practical in good weather, but I just loved the ingenuity and overall look of this "tinyvan"

Don't you?

Linda xxx


  1. Wow, I would love a caravan, might need a bit bigger one though with 4 kids and a DH! Im getting a bit past the whole tent gig, but a caravan....I could fill it with lovely crochet and fabric goodies...


  2. Is it an Eriba Puck? I'm always hankering after them at VW shows and they are killingly expensive (but gorgeous!). x

  3. Totally beautiful, I followed one for a couple of miles out of my way last week whilst it was being towed just to get a good look at it!
    Kandi x

  4. Brilliant, we're going to a vintage vehicle show on Sunday. I'd love to see one of those there.
    Love from Mum

  5. Aw I just love it! I want one.

  6. Love it, but not sure I would want to sleep in a small tin in hot weather! Could be great as a getaway space down the bottom of the garden though - except for someone like me who always needs a loo nearyby!
    Maggie -

  7. Oh that is gorgeous! Wildly impractical for someone like me who needs loads of space to chuck stuff around in, but I can dream...


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