Thursday, 18 August 2011

An early start tomorrow, but first just a little make.

Tomorrow will be an early start as it is the day that my little granddaughter Flic goes for corrective surgery on her "lazy eye".

Glasses and patches haven't worked so now she needs to have surgery to correct her squint. I am going along as support for her mam who is obviously dreading the whole thing, and it will be an early start as we have to be at the hospital for 6.45 a.m!!!

It is day surgery so hopefully by this time tomorrow it will all be over and Flic and her mam will be safely back home with little more than some discomfort.

I have had time for a little make and by now the recipient should have got this in the post so I can show it to you.

A kilt pin brooch with a "heart" theme, mounted on a tarot card.

I've also done some charity shopping and boot sales, but I haven't had time to take pictures yet so will leave those to my next post.

Linda xxx


  1. Lots of love and luck for Flic's op tomorrow.
    That kilt pin brooch mounted on a tarot is fabulous, someone's going to be delighted. x

  2. Hope everything g0es ok, my niece had both her eyes done for the same thing.
    give her a big hug for been a brave girl. angiexx

  3. Hope your granddaughter is recovering well from her op. I love the tarot card idea, it makes for a lovely gift xxx

  4. Hope your granddaugher is having a swift recovery. I love that pin and what a fabulous idea attaching it to a tarot card. Scarlett x

  5. Love the brooch. Hope the surgery went well on your grandaughter and she is recovering well. Such worrying times when children have to have surgery. Best wishes x

  6. Do hope that Flic is recovering... awful thought having surgery on your eye isn't it, but children seem to cope with these things better than us grown-ups as a rule.
    The pin is gorgeous by the way, attached to the tarot card it takes on almost a Goth-like look.
    Maggie -


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