Monday, 22 August 2011

Post op update and vintage finds.

Thank you for all your kind wishes and support on Flic's recent operation. I can report that it all went well, she was very brave and didn't cry once! It seems to have gone very well and her eye is now on the way to recovery.

I promised to show you some of my recent haul from charity shopping and car booting, so here goes:

First up a huge bundle of vintage linen. This not only includes the items shown in the picture above but also those in the picture below. There are napkins, table runners, tray cloths and doilies, and the whole lot was only

This pretty pink bunny,
Her dress has an opening at the back so that it acts as a storage bag, I think it was originally designed for storing clean nappies, but it is now hanging on the door of the room that I decorated for when Flic comes to stay and will be used as a laundry bag.

Next up is another item that I got to put in Flic's room. You may remember from this post that there is a bit of a "rabbit" theme going on in this room and that a certain "Peter Rabbit" features pretty highly, so I was very pleased to get this little teapot for only 20p.

Then I had to be a little bit sneaky to get away with buying this next bit of nostalgic loveliness, because while to me Lloyd Loom items are something I greatly desire and look upon as items of charming nostalgia, they are to my dear husband Dave items of hideous ugliness.

My daughter Eleanore was at the midweek car booty with me when she spied this and pointed it out. I tried to resist knowing that Dave wouldn't like it, but then thought well I'll ask the price and if it's £5 or less I'll buy it - I was sure it would be more, but when the stallholder said £5, it would have been rude not to buy it  - it would? wouldn't it? 

Initially I snuck the linen bin in while Dave was at work and then just casually mentioned something about my new linen bin when talking about the washing. 

After much tutting and frowning he gave in wisely decided that it can stay so long as it doesn't remain gold - so that's ok as I was planning on spraying it cream.

He did however like my next little item.

A 1930's handmade wooden tray with a hand embroidered inset, a bargain at only £1.50. It needs a protective covering over the embroidery and would most likely have been covered in glass. Dave has promised to have a piece of perspex cut to fit and this will then be a lovely little bedside tray to hold my bakelite travelling alarm clock and little cut glass posy vase. I'll let you see it in situ when it gets it's new top.

Linda xxx


  1. Lovely, lovely purchases. I'm so fed up about not being able to get to car boots at the moment! xx

  2. Great news about Flic! What a heap o goodies, I've been barred from buying any more Lloyd Loom pieces. x

  3. Glad your little grand-daughter is ok, so scary when they have to have any kind of medical procedure. I bet she loves coming to stay at your house with the bunny room.

    Lovely finds, but I'm not surprised your OH doesn't like Lloyd Loom linen baskets - I've never met one who does!

  4. Bargains, bargains, bargains.
    Love from Mum

  5. You've found some lovely things there x
    I'm your swap partner for the Autumn Swap, i've emailed you x

  6. Well, we went to our first car boot last weekend, and our last. It's not for us. Had there been anything worth giving house room to, we might have been more enamoured of the whole idea, but it seemed to be mainly a load of tat. Lucky you, the embroidered items are lovely, what will you do with them?

  7. I am in love with those gorgeous linens! Thank you darling for your lovely comment, have a brill bank hol! xx love Annie xx

  8. So pleased Flic is on the mend :o) Bless her. I bet it must have been really nerve wracking for her Mum and you too!

    Your finds are all lovely! Specially that huge big bag of linen. What a find at £2.50!

    Love your Scottish holiday pis too.

    You take care now, and have a great Bank Holiday weekend.
    Donna x

  9. I know I am ridiculously late in saying this, but my love for Peter Rabbit is something I am very fond of. That little teapot is the cutest little addition to Flic’s room and such a bargain too xxx


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