Thursday, 9 June 2011

A Grand Day Out

The other Sunday I managed a little jaunt out to the fairly recently acquired National Trust venue Seaton Deleval Hall.

It provided a well needed distraction from my current workload.

The gardens were absolutely amazing ...

such fabulous rhododendrons (or Rodneys, as we affectionately refer to them!).

An amazing Laburnum walk ...

...pretty topiary and box hedges...

... and  sparkling water feature.

The hall itself is an English baroque villa designed by Sir John Vanbrugh. 

Picture from

Unfortunately the central great hall was gutted by fire in 1822, but now provides an unusual space for the arts.

It was a lovely day out and really helped recharge the old batteries!


  1. I want to go! I've been wanting to go ever since we acquired it but it's never quite fitted in with my trips Oop North.

    Aren't the rhodies looking grand? Ours aren't properly out yet.

  2. Stunning pictures, looks like a perfect day out xx

  3. I'm glad you had a good day out - looks lovely and peaceful. Very good for the soul xxx

  4. How lovely. A little change of scenery, and it looks very picturesque. I hope you managed to breath in all of that fresh air- a known antidote to stress and large workloads!

    I noticed in my stats that lots of people were visiting my blog through you recently, (cue small panic about my recent depressing posts!) and came to investigate, and found your blogger award! Not sure why I missed reading it initially (although I was offline for a while after blogger spectacularly crashed!)but it was lovely to find out some new things about you, and I'm glad you liked it. Thank you very much for the link! xxx

  5. Oh, how pretty! Love that one of you in the arbor, you look so happy1 xxx

  6. Those gardens look amazing - I love topiary and box hedging.

  7. Love the Labernum walk. It's so interesting walking around the gardens and houses of these great places.


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