Thursday, 16 June 2011

Creative Packing

We're off to a bike rally this weekend.

The Posers Rally Hosted by Druids Mcc deep in the Lincolnshire countryside.
(I just love the names they think up for these bike rallies)

So I've been busy packing - not an easy feat when you need to pack two people, a tent, an airbed, two warm sleeping bags, and two folding chairs along with required clothes and toiletries on a motorbike.

It takes a bit of creativity but over the years I think I've got it about right. It still always amazes me once we set up camp to realise that we managed to get it all compacted down to fit on the bike.

 I really look forward to this rally every year because this is the one rally in the year where I get to see my beloved brother. He moved south to Pershore a number of years ago and this is the only rally that we still both go to.

So this time tomorrow I'll be relaxing in a field, with a pint of real ale, live music in the marquee and the company of good friends ...

my brother, can't wait!



  1. Have a brilliant time at the rally! I hope the weather picks up for you. xxx

  2. have a great time, i havnt been to a rally for 10yrs,I rember the packing very well trying to squeeze every thing in 2 side panners on our bike. angie xx

  3. Enjoy your rally. Hope it doesn't get too rainy! xxx

  4. I hope you had a fantastic time, and it didn't rain too much for you!

    I love the name of it too:o)

    Have a fantastic week my lovely. :o)

  5. Hi Linda! I've been paired with you in Kandi's Swap! It's lovely to meet you! I think I'll have to stalk your blog for a few days to get a feel of what you like. Hope you had a great time at the rally! Love, Amanda xxx


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