Monday, 27 June 2011

A few of the things that have kept me busy!

Well obviously the main one is work! where we have been learning about and building castles, among all kinds of other busy things.

Then there was my granddaughter's graduation ceremony to attend. Now at this point I can hear my regular readers saying "but surely she's only 3?" 

Yes dear readers at the tender age of 3 my granddaughter has graduated from nursery. Her 4th birthday is next week and she will begin school in September. I have to admit I'm not too sure how I feel about this whole "graduation" thing. Although it was a very nice ceremony and all the parents and children seemed to enjoy it (though the children in a somewhat bemused and bewildered fashion), I can't help but think that a graduation ceremony is not really something for children. I can't think of why I feel a little uncomfortable with the whole idea, but I do. Perhaps it's just me getting old!

Graduation at 3 years old complete with cap and gown!

Then I found a cracket - I've been wanting one for ages.

What is a cracket? I hear some of you say.
The "Cracket" is thought to have originated in the coalmines of this region.It was made by miners for use as a headrest when on there backs hewing coal in the lower coal seams. From the mines they progressed into colliery houses,every house having its own Cracket.The name is thought to have been derived from folks sitting around on their stools having a bit of a "Crack"(chat). (Information taken from 

My youngest daughter moved into a new house complete with assorted outbuildings and there lying very unloved and lonely in one of the outbuildings was a cracket. Said daughter looked at me as if I was mad when I cried out "Oooh a cracket, I've wanted one for ages, can I have it? please, pretty please?" and replied "Do what you want with it, it was about to go on the bonfire." So I rescued it brought it home and washed it and now it awaits the time when I will give it the Farrow and Ball treatment.

My Cracket - looking very unlovely at the moment but hopefully not for long.

Oh and yes we went to the bike rally as I mentioned in my last post, and were very lucky with the weather. It rained a couple of times but there was sunshine between the showers and we somehow managed to avoid getting caught in the heavy ones. I'll leave you all with a look at our motorbike "posing" at sunset at The Posers Rally last weekend.


  1. Well done on the cracket! My grandad was a miner in Yorkshire but he never mentioned the word, so I wonder if it's local to your area.

    I'm with you on the Graduation Ceremony. They have to grow up so fast these days. It'll be her Prom next! xxx

  2. What a 'cracking' find :)............ I'll get my coat xxx

  3. Ive never heard of a cracket before, how lovely!

    Liked the castles - Im doing arts award with my students at the moment, hard work but enjoyable all the same.


  4. That's just a little creepy having a graduation for tots.
    I knew what your cracket was straight away, that probably due to the fact I am a north east lass, the grand daughter of a long line of coal miners :0) We always had crackets as kids, I'd love another, thats a fab find.
    Kandi x

  5. I've never heard of a cracket but I'd definately have wanted one if I'd found it, it's fabulous and will be even better after a bit of TLC.
    Glad the rally was fun. x

  6. I'm with you on the 'graduation ceremony'. That just seems so strange for tots!?

    I LOVE your cracket! What a beauty!! Your daughter wasn't really going to burn it was she? I hope you gave her a good talking to about checking with you in the future before she decides to burn anything. lol. ;o)

    Love your bike! What a poser :o)

    Have a great weekend. Pleased work is going well for you. Take care.
    Donna xxx

  7. Looking forward to seeing the results of your painting! Hope you will come over and join my giveaway?

    Pomona x

  8. I think the graduation thing is a bit weird. Mind you, I don't think you should graduate from anything unless it's university - even the US thing of doing it when you finish school seems odd to me.

    The cracket is lovely and sturdy. Make sure you show us it once it's had the makeover.

  9. Hi Linda! Congrats on the cracket! Blogger isn't letting me leave comments lately so I'm trying again! My email is Shall we have a chat on there and get ourselves sorted? Love, Amanda xxxx

  10. Hello up there in the dale *waves* magical meadows is sleeping (password jumble-rubbish again) so I'm back with a new blog, and with a word of thanks for your very kind condolences:)
    pamela xxx
    p.s. how's the belly - still dancing?!

  11. Hello again! Well I'm all ready to go with our fabric swap! I just need your address, chick, and then I can send your bits and bobs to you. I really hope you like them! Lots of love, Amanda xxxx


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