Saturday, 25 December 2010

Thank You (Secret) Santa

I opened my Secret Santa parcel today and have to say a huge thank you to my Secret Santa for the most fabulous set of gifts. I absolutely love everything, it is obvious that a lot of thought has gone into selecting just the right gifts for me.

I opened the box...

...lavender & snowflakes on snow white tissue paper,

and underneath.

A gorgeous vintage style tree bauble.

A beautiful twiggy heart topped with a lovely checked bow...

...and more parcels to unwrap.

A beautiful vintage china cup and saucer beautifully cradled in a vintage crochet doily. 
Aren't they gorgeous!!.

Some oh so pretty pink crochet bunting made especially for Flic's room.
It looks lovely hanging from her Peter Rabbit Shelf.

The most wonderfully lavender scented pincushion, I wish you could smell this it scented the whole room, and is just so, so pretty, this will become a treasured well used item in my toolkit.

A beautifully crocheted tea cosy, I've been lusting after tea cosies similar to this for a while and had one on my wish list. This one is perfect in every way, I think Santa must have read my mind!

Then last but certainly not least there was this pretty retro tin with a bow attached...

...and inside were more gorgeous goodies, a pretty dotty heart, a lovely rose printed fabric heart embellished with a cream rose and a scrap of "with love" printed ribbon and an absolutely amazing purple organza flower brooch and...

...a lovely handcrafted felt ring.

How lucky am I to receive such fabulous gifts?

Heartfelt thanks to my Secret Santa, I hope your Christmas has been as lovely as mine.



  1. What lovely presents. Happy Christmas x

  2. Wow how lovely, I love it all.
    Hugs Kandi xx

  3. What a fabulous set of scrummy :0)
    If you like crocheted tea cozies, have a look on 'crochet with raymond blogspot' (something like that ;0)) As she also has a thing for crocheted cozies, and has also made a few of them for you to look at -scroll back through a few posts to see.
    It's a lovely colourful blog too.
    How you're all having a fab time.
    Warmest wishes,
    Donna x

  4. Great gifts, Secret Santa is great fun - when it works! Lizzie x

  5. what a fab parcel that is! I think my favourite is the twiggy heart - lovely!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and aren't too snowed in across the moors!
    Best wishes for 2011

    BH x

  6. Oh wow, what amazing things!! Aren't you lucky?


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