Saturday, 11 December 2010

Keeping Busy

We received some sad news this weekend, a dear friend of my husband lost his battle with cancer. It is only six months since his wife also lost her battle with cancer, so I have been trying to keep busy, because to be honest if I give myself time to think too much  I just might start to cry.

So what have I been busying myself with?

I went for a walk to gather greenery to make the place look more festive.

I added some to the dining room mantelshelf

and to the one in the sitting room.

Then I baked some chocolate nut brownies from this recipe on the Stonesoup blog. If you want quick and simple recipes I really recommend that you pay a visit to this blog.

I then made a rather lovely (if I do say so myself!) tea for dear hubby and myself. We each had an 8oz rump steak served with crispy onion rings, mashed carrots, mashed swede and dauphinoise potatoes. We followed this with some of the chocolate brownies and cream. (Ohh my poor waistline, still I think comfort food was called for!)

Finally I have finished making a necklace as a Christmas present for eldest daughter Ellie. It is themed on the Edgar Alan Poe Poem "The Raven"

A close up of the picture charm which I made earlier in the week

and of the clasp.

Hope she likes it!

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  1. I'm sorry for the sad loss of a friend. Please accept my condolences.
    The charm on your necklace looks fab:) I'm sure your daughter will love it.
    Those brownies look good too! I shall take a peek at thet blog later.
    Kind regards,

  2. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I'm wondering if the couple had family? So sad. Of course you're allowed comfort food and distractions. Of course:)
    pamela xxx
    p.s. real greenery, very seasonal:)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's friend. You've been busy with some lovely things though x

  4. sorry to hear about your friends husband a loss at anytime of year is bad but i think thing hit you harder at christmas.
    You look like you have been very busy though, wont your daughter see her neclace on here or is she like mine and dosnt read your blog?
    the brownies lokk deliciouse i could just eat one with my coffee, mmm.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Keeping busy is good but let yourself cry if you need to.

    Am massively impressed with your makes! The necklace is amazing and looks so, so professional.

  6. Sorry to hear of your loss

    I think comfort food is called for at times like these, staying busy does help but sometimes a good cry can help too xx

  7. Sorry to hear you had sad news hun.
    This week has been very stressful for me too so I do sympathise my lovely.

    I always think this time of year hits home hardest whether you are a believer in the true meaning of christmas or not.
    I'm not a religious girl but Christmas time is a good time to remind us all about the true meaning of life I always think....
    I love the greenery you you I love decorating our house in natural decorations.
    I always think that despite it being a desperate time of the year with the ice and the cold etc, Mother Nature is always kind to us with her rewards of wonderful scenes of nature...

    Karen x x x

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. You have been busy making some lovely things, the necklace is gorgeous. Big hug xx

  9. sorry to hear your sad news. The necklace is beauiful x

  10. What an awful thing to happen. That happened to a couple I knew. Luckily their young son could live with his older brother and sister. Makes you stop and think.

    The necklace looks fabulous.

  11. :-( that is really sad news about your friend. My Dad lost a friend to Cancer last year and his wife also died of it, such a horrid desease - I do hope they find a cure for some of the cancers soon as it takes too many lovely people away from us. x


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