Monday, 27 December 2010

The Ice Man Cometh - (Well actually I think he's well and truly here)

Boxing Day Walks

Yesterday Dave and I went on a couple of walks to blow away the cobwebs. I think you will all agree that  Jack Frost has truly been working his magic.

First up some photographs of the old quarry workings at Bollihope Burn.


Then a drive over the moors to Bowlees Picnic Area in Teesdale.

One of the lower frozen waterfalls...

...then a little further on, just around the corner...

Sumerhill force literally "frozen" in flow.

Behind the waterfall...

The ice was so stunning that it inspired Dave to take no less than 168 photographs but I have only bored you with shown you a small sample.

When he had finally exhausted his creative bent, we retired home to a warm fire, hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream and homemade shortbread - bliss ;oD



  1. Lol I can see why Dave took so many photos, they are stunning images. I would have probably taken more :-)

  2. Wow! faberooney piccies....
    Karen x x x

  3. Stunning pics ~ not surprised that Dave took so many pics, I would of done so too. It must of been so cold there over the past few weeks x

  4. AMAZING! May have to drag t'other half over there to take tome myself! Fabulous photos!
    BH x

  5. Spectacular photos, especially the wonder you took so many!
    Julie x

  6. How magical! Lovely but a bit too cold for my liking. Hope you've had a marvellous Xmas. xxx

  7. Wow! Gorgeous photos, the waterfall frosen is absoloutely stunning! I think I would have taken loads of photos too! :) x

  8. What stunning waterfalls :0)
    How lucky you are to live near enough to visit.
    I too would have taken loads of photos.
    They're stunning.
    Have a great week and Happy New Year.

  9. Those pics are so beautiful, what an amazing place to take some pics!!

  10. Wow wow wow! No time for out and about until house move is finished, so a very special 'thank you' for sharing these;) I showed your Blog to my sister and my Dad. Dad's nearly eighty and he was astounded by the photo's - loved them! BTW We couldn't ever remember seeing the Wear frozen over before - Dad recalls seeing mini icebergs floating through Durham though.
    Hugs xxx

  11. Wow - some stunning photos there. Amazing how pretty frozen water can look.

  12. What brilliant photos, there great.

  13. Wow I am amazed! What stunning photos!
    Gee I wish I had been there with my camera!!!
    Wishing you all the best for a happy new year!

  14. beautiful photos.

  15. Wow! These photos are amazing! I really love the one behind the waterfall! x


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