Wednesday, 13 October 2010

An autumnal bracelet.

Whilst out shopping with my daughters near the end of the summer holidays I came upon these necklaces at just 25p each in Internacional's sale:

I bought two; one to dismantle and add the beads and charms to my stash and one to keep just as it is.

The beautiful beads that I got from Jenny as part of the Pumpkin Patch swap motivated me to get out the jewellery making supplies again.

When I saw those lovely beads I just knew what I wanted to do with them, and that they would pair beautifully with some of the beads and charms from the dismantled necklace.

Jenny had sent me some lovely beads in various shades of autumn which I thought would make lovely focal beads amongst the autumn shaded small beads from the dismantled bargain.

I decided to make myself a memory wire bracelet.

TaDa !!!

I absolutely love how it has turned out, and think this will be worn loads over the coming months.


  1. So pretty! Glad you found a use for those beads, the bracelet looks perfect for autumn! :) x

  2. Oh you clever thing, it's beautiful and perfectly autumnal!
    I have been making bracelets this week too!
    Kandi x

  3. That is gorgeous and totally in tune with the season. You are clever! xxx

  4. That is absolutely beautiful! You've got such a creative eye - it would never occur to me to rework beads that way.


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