Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Anniversary Flowers

Today is our 14th wedding anniversary!

Those years have truly flown over, I can't believe it's already 14 years.

We decided early on in our marriage that we wouldn't bother with cards or pressies, but that we would treat ourselves to a meal out for our anniversary.

But this year Dave suprised me;

Aren't they so autumnal and pretty?

They go so well in the Art Deco pressed glass vase we bought from a flea market a couple of weeks ago.

We have also just returned from our anniversary meal. We have often tried new places for our meal, but after some dissappointments we decided to go with our favourite Indian restaurant - we know we always have a good meal there. Just to make things even better, because it's a weeknight there was an offer on of 25% off all menu prices.

All in all a very happy day. xxx


  1. Happy Anniversary! You're flowers look lovely! :) x

  2. Happy Anniversary, 14 years is a great achievement ~ If I add both of my marriages together I only get 12 :)
    Kandi x

  3. Happy Anniversary to both of you! What a gorgeous pressie, too.
    Thanks for your lovely comments, you always make me smile. xxx

  4. Happy Anniversary from me too. Glad you enjoyed your anniversary meal - and at a bargain price too!

  5. Happy anniversary! I do like the idea of traditional presents but realistically it's much more sensible to just have a scrummy meal out.

  6. Happy anniversary..may you have many more...


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