Sunday, 31 October 2010

Car Boot Finds & Unsettling News

It's been a whole week since my last post. I did intend to post about my car boot finds the same evening as we went to the boot sale, but on my return I recieved a telephone call from my boss with the news that I am being made redundant from the end of December - a casualty of the local authority cuts.

As you can imagine I have been wandering round in a bit of a state of shock and disbelief, but I am coming to terms with the reality of it all now. I am trying to stay positive, the local authority have assured me that they will make every attempt to find me alternative employment, but this is in no way guaranteed. I have decided that I just need to:

So with this in mind and a promise that I will remain positive, I am finally posting my car boot finds.
A pretty vintage Royal Staffordshire bowl with violets on it 30p, a Grindley England small oval plate with a windmill & tulips at the top, a sailing boat on the right and a fishing scene on the left also 30p, and a pretty little leaf shaped dish and mint sauce boat £1.50. I've been hankering after one of these "mint sauce" boats for ages - as you do!
A pewter tankard with decorative celtic bands around it. This is to replace my hubbie's old celtic tankard which lost it's bottom recently! at only £2 a positive bargain as it didn't look at all used. A box of pastry forks in a lovely art deco design and in a pretty art deco style box £1. A lovely decorative glass sugar shaker £1.

 A large Alfred Meakin "Russette" meat plate, 20p and a pretty brown Ironstone dinner plate also 20p.

A Peter Rabbit soft toy 50p and a pretty little mother and baby rabbit £1, both to go in my granddaughter's bedroom. The pocket watch £2 and the DVD of the television series Narnia £1 were the purchases of my eldest daughter Ellie.

Last but not least two remnants of fabric each about 1.5m, for only £1each. I have plans to utilise these for some Christmas pressie makes.

At least the first part of that day had a positive outcome, now to practice some positive thinking!


  1. That's rubbish news, but your're right, not much that you can do about. Keep calm and carry on sounds like the best option. Fingers crossed that everything works out for the best! Love your car boot finds btw! :) xx

  2. I am sorry to hear your news but with the luck you must have bagging that fantastic haul of lovely things I reckon Lady Luck is on your side and they'll be a positive outcome just around the corner.
    I may be a vegetarian but I'm positively salivating over the Meakin meat plate. xxx

  3. Oh no, what awful news. Push them for absolutely everything they can give you in the way of help with looking for a new job - there should be retraining/assistance courses available to you as soon as the redundancy notice is given.

  4. Sorry to hear the bad news. Hopefully with your style of living you will as you say keep calm and carry on. Hopefully, you will be offered alternative employment.

  5. I do hope that things work out for you. I can't believe the almighty hole that our previous Government has left us in, and that people like you will suffer the consequences. Do try to keep your chin up. xx

  6. Oh sorry to hear your news. Really hope that something positive comes of it. Good luck.

    Love your finds - especially the Meakin plate - what a bargain.

  7. Oh I am really sorry to hear your news, it's happening all over at the minute, hopefully they can re-deploy you into anothe job, fingers crossed for you!
    Kandi x


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