Friday, 25 June 2010

MSE Jewellery Challenge

I made this necklace for my daughter Rae in response to the challenge set by Yukkibear on the jewellery making thread of money saving expert. The challenge was:

"Think of someone who deserves a present and make them something they'll love. You don't have to actually give it to them, but it has to have a meaning" Tell us who it's for and why.

Rae has had a bit of a hard time lately, but continues to do a fantastic job of raising my granddaughter, so I thought she deserved something made especially for her. She loves pirates and is always admiring my steampunk jewellery, so I thought I'd do a pirate themed steampunk style necklace to cheer her up. The round brass ball is actually a locket and though I haven't done so yet I'm going to print off a couple of Johnny Dep pics from Pirates of the Caribbean, she also drools over Johnny Dep - and who doesn't ; ) and put them in the locket before I give it to her.


  1. Gorgeous work, I love it :) x

  2. Lovely necklace, the charms are fab and I'm sure your daughter will appreciate the Johnny Depp pics in the locket!


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