Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Spending Spree & Diet Disaster

Today's been just so incredibly hectic, well it has since I left work! It is my elderly aunts birthday tomorrow and we live 30 mile away, but I work only about 10 miles away so decided to visit her after work tonight to deliver cards and pressies.

Last night on t'interweb however I found a couple of bargains that I could pick up on the way. Firstly Argos basics slow cookers selling at £4.89, so reserved a couple for the two daughters who have their own homes. Then a Flip Face Motorbike Helmet with a drop down sunvisor for the bargainous price of £39.99 in Lidl. They just had to be bought, so slight shopping detour was arranged. While on route to Argos it would have been rude not to pop in the charity shops and also do a bit of window shopping.

Didn't find much in the charity shops but did get two vintage plates to add to my eclectic mixed tableware collection that I'm gradually replacing my boring cream tableware with.

On the way back to the car I spotted a gorgeous tie dye maxi skirt it a factory shop window, very retro hippie style. The price tag was partially obscured and looked like £4.99, so in I hopped thinking bargain!! Found the rail with the skirts on and discovered that the price was actually £14.99, but it was even more lovely close up and next to it was a similar skirt, but less coulourful, just blacks and whites. Decided to try them both on to see which looked best and ended up coming out of the shop having bought not one but both of the skirts.

Got back to the car and realised I still hadn't bought the flowers I wanted for my aunt, so off to the nearest Tesco for flowers, then on to Lidl for the helmet.

Eventually got to my aunt's house, had a cup of tea and gave in to the temptation of a freshly baked scone and sausage roll - well it was getting on and I was peckish. Once again back into the car and homeward bound at last when I realised that I needed to call and drop off the slow cookers' at Rae's house and pick up her driving license as I promised I photocopy it for her. I think it was at this point I gave up on the idea of getting home and cooking the lentil, egg and coconut curry with pilau rice that I had planned and decided to go for Chinese take-away. Just as well really as I finally arrived home just after 8pm.
Oh well tomorrow's another day and another chance to actually stick to the diet!
The photographs don't really do the skirts justice. The
top one is much more colourful and bright.
While the bottom one looks sort of frilly on the photo but is just tie dyed.

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