Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Hasn't the weather been wonderful today?

We made a start on the new allotment, and I remembered to take photographs.

This is the blank canvas, so to speak. A lovely large stretch of ...

...well okay weeds at the moment, but a plot of weeds with potential!

We (okay -  Dave, someone had to take charge of the camera!) set to with a gusto and after two hours a small dent had been made. It is very slow going as those weeds have a tangling mass of roots below them that takes an age to get out.

Although it was hard work, it was so satisfying, we both thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, and who wouldn't when surrounded by views like these..

A perfect Sunday afternoon. 

Linda xxx


  1. Wow i'm very jealous! That's a great plot! And what a lovely afternoon to make a start on it!! Today has been just beautiful. I bet you wouldn't have thought a week ago that you'd be working on your own allotment today :) Looking forward to more from your lovely blog xx

  2. How wonderful to be able to be able to make plans for your allotment. Hope the weather stays nice so you can get a good start.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Your mew plot looks great, i can image some wonderful things growing there.
    Looking forward to see the progress.

    Enjoy your new week.

  4. How about a rotavator and some sheep!! Will you keep chickens? Such promise waiting to be fulfilled, but oh such a lot of work for you.Good luck!

  5. I feel your pain; it is a lot of hard work, but all the more worthwhile. We have had to clear so much rubbish I was beginning to lose my patience by the end. That’s when we got the 2nd plot (madness right) and we realised there was no way we would be able to dig it over ourselves, so we borrowed a mini digger. (Cheating maybe) But it was a relief to have it all dug over and the weeds banished. This last weekend gone we have covered it all up with this black plastic covering (that was a task in itself) with the aim to unravel it bits at a time, and this should prevent the weeds growing again.
    I am very looking forward to planting something finally! Even if only small to start xxx


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