Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mother's Day Makes

Still job hunting and have an interview on Tuesday, so fingers crossed.

In the meantime although I have struggled to find time for new posts, I haven't spent all my time job hunting. (Just most of it!). I managed to put together a swap parcel for Nikki at homebird.  It was an "Afternoon Tea Swap" organised by Jewel at Pretty Little Jewels and I even managed to make a "Tea Time" necklace to include. Unfortunately I didn't remember to take any photographs before I sent it off. 

I also made two gifts for Mother's Day. The first was a hand sewn patchwork cushion for my mother. I actually started this last year, but it kept getting pushed to one side and wasn't actually completed till January. This is the first time I have attempted "proper patchwork" and although it's by no means perfect, I am quite pleased with the finished article and hope my mam will like it. The organza flower isn't part of the cushion but was just used to pin the tag on.

Next time I do patchwork I will try and get the pattern on the patches running in the same direction, but unfortunately for this attempt I didn't have a great deal of each fabric and so had to cut the patches out any way they would fit. (Hope that makes sense!!!)

The second was an apron for my Aunty Ann. I always buy her a mother's day present as I used to stay with her a lot when I was younger. She is my dad's sister and will be ninety years young in June. She always wears an apron and I know she really appreciates homemade gifts, however it was a bit daunting as in her working life she was a lecturer in tailoring! I made sure that I took my time and got my stitching as straight as possible and must say that I am really pleased with how this turned out. I used a fat quarter of the spotted fabric from my stash and the flowered fabric is actually a vintage pillowcase that I bought in a charity shop for 50p. I lined the back of the apron with a piece of white cotton from an old duvet cover.

Well fingers crossed for Tuesday, but either way I should begin to have a bit more time available for blogging.


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  1. Good luck with the interview! Love your makes, I bet Aunty Ann and your Mum will be thrilled. x


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