Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Babies galore!

Well that's it, as there has been no luck on the jobs front I am now officially unemployed. Now ordinarily being a teacher I would be on holiday at this time anyway, but it feels different knowing that I don't have a job to go back to. I'm also finding it a bit galling that because last year I took a short term contract covering maternity leave, rather than redundancy I am no longer entitled to any redundancy payment so my pay for March has to last as long as possible. I knew when I took the post that this was the case and a years work was preferable to the small redundancy payment I was due, so I shouldn't really be letting it bother me.

Soooo...  never one to shirk a challenge, I have set to with a will making sure that I am as frugal as possible and making every penny stretch. To be honest I think we are actually eating a lot better because I have the luxury of time.

On Saturday we took our granddaughter to Hall Hill Farm. Now ordinarily I would have just tootled off and bought our lunch in the cafe there. Not this time - I thought ahead and made some of those mini pizzas I told you about in this post. I made them just before we left and wrapped them in foil so they were still warm when we ate them - just as well because it was freezing!!! I also took some hot water in flasks and some camomile tea bags, and as a treat some 1/2 price mini Thorntons caramel shortbreads - yum yum.

It doesn't look it but it was bitterly cold.
Despite the cold and watching the pennies we had a lovely time. There were loads of lovely babies to hold and to see.

Baby chick held by little Flic.

Spotty lambs.
Bottle fed lambs.
How cute is this?
If you look closely at the pouch of the wallaby that is sitting down you might just be able to make out the head of the joey that was peeping out!

Flic had a great time and I think she actually preferred having a picnic even if it was in the cold!

I've been making lots of other rather nice things to eat too - but I'll leave them for another post.


  1. Sorry to hear your news on the job front, I'm sure that it won.t be long before you are back in employment and in the meantime it sounds like you have it all under control, looks like you had a wonderful day at the farm and your lunch sounds lovely, take care xxxx

  2. I'm sure there will be more jobs on the horizon soon but in the meantime enjoy this time out. Oh, but you are doing, judging by the happy smiling face.
    Love from Mum

  3. Sorry to hear about the job situation but on the bright side what a lovely day at the farm you had and frugally too, well done! x

  4. I do sympathise on the Job Front - I have been a Supply Teacher since 1989 and this is the worst year EVER for work. A number of agencies round here have closed down, and I actually fell below the tax threshold in January [an unexpected offer of '4 mornings a week till the SATS' has helped push my income up a little]
    At least we can say that "whilst we are cash poor we are time rich" - and my thrift muscles are getting plenty of exercise!!

    Easter Blessings on you and yours x


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