Friday, 2 December 2011

Advent Swap

'Tis the season to be jolly ...

...and I've got plenty to be jolly about at the moment.

Christmas working in a primary school is a whole lot different to working in a secondary school.

 Working with the younger children and sharing their excitement is catching. I do so love their quirky little misunderstandings, such as the pupil today who wanted to know how to spell "Mary" so she could write "Mary Christmas" on the top of the card she was making. Another pupil told how the wise men gave Jesus a gift of "Frankenstein"

My middle daughter - mam to my lovely granddaughter has also told me that they will once again be staying with us on Christmas eve, so I will get to see our little Flic opening her pressies on Christmas morning.
In a way this brings me round to the title of this post my advent swap with LissyLou. On Saturday I received a huge box full of little advent parcels. As well as parcels for little ol' me, the wonderful LissyLou has also included a Christmas day parcel for Flic, and best of all, I will be able to watch her open it!

I've popped all my daily pressies in a basket and the two pressies for the 25th will go under the tree when it goes up tomorrow. 

I must say that the excitement of having a new advent parcel to open each day is making it a little easier to rouse myself on these dark dreary mornings - I can't wait to get downstairs and open my next one.

Day one...

... this gorgeous "postcard" ornament - isn't that a lovely sentiment?

And what a beautiful picture on the other side.

Day two...

...this oh so cute calendar which will take pride of place in my kitchen come the new year.

Tomorrow Flic is coming to stay for the night and will be helping me to put up the tree, so yet another thing to look forward to.

I'll keep you all updated on the advent gifts, not everyday, but probably in small batches.

love Linda xxx


  1. kids do say the funniest things don't they!
    your right about opening the advent gifts it just make each day a bit brighter doesn't it, i love your postcard can't wait to see what else you receive...

  2. Christmas is made for children isn't it?
    Until my son was about 12, he used to shake with excitement on Christmas morning..oh bless 'em :o)

    Love your swap postcard! It's beautiful.
    And your calendar is very pretty..yum :o)

    Have a great weekend with Flic my lovley,
    Take care,
    love n hugs
    Donna xx

  3. Its wonderful seeing how excited the kids get about Christmas. I love your fireplace and mantel in your header photo, what is the picture above the fireplace x

  4. I love that card ornament it's beautiful!
    It's great that you get the little one for Christmas morning, enjoy her :0)
    I'm putting my tree up today too, can't wait!
    Kandi x

  5. Lovely gifts. Love the 'Mary Christmas' bet the run up to Christmas is lovely in school.

  6. Lovely how children are about christmas. I loved the advent swap, beautiful cards.

    I'm starting to get the advent feeling.

    Enojy your weekend

  7. OOOh!
    We're having christmas with grandchildren this year, first time, instead of our frugal walk on the moors cake in the car scenario. Yeah!
    Ours are 6 and 1, 4 and 2. How old is Flic now? I'm/You're going to have such fun:D
    I'm taking the 6 year-old to Durham Gala Theatre to see the Panto next saturday, another christmas first, hurrah!
    pamela xxx

  8. What lovely gifts. Can't wait to see what other gifts are lurking in that basket. Don't forget to show us.

  9. Glad you are liking so far. I have that postcard ornament too = gorgeous isnt it xxx


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