Saturday, 19 November 2011

A little bit of hookin'

I recently bought this rather lovely book from the Book People

Rather cheaply too at only £3.99!!

It is full of inspirational gorgeousness. 
 These Babushkas are definitely on my to do list.

And isn't this cafetiere cosy fabulous?

I just had to make my own ...

and just love how it turned out. 

I didn't buy any wool specially for it, just used up any bits and bobs and oddments that I had lying around. It was so easy to do and really had me "hooked" (oh dear - I'll go and get my coat should I?)

I've also completed another of the little projects from the book but I can't show you it yet as I've made it for one of the swaps I'm taking part in.

You know what though? It feels so good to finally get my finger out and actually DO something instead of just thinking about it. 

Here's to lots more hookin'.



  1. wow, I want a cosy!!well done you.

  2. Very nice! I'm on my annual knitting revival, three trips to Boyes this week, and Durham indoor market, have all supplies ready - now to put out four christmas jumpers for the little'uns!
    Btw, are you on Ravelry? Love it (free patterns and inspirations) friend me if you are (magicalmeadows)
    Right, 4.55am and I'm going to try and get back into my bed and back to sleep (a (nearly) six-year-old starfish is here for a sleep-over to keep me company!
    hugs x pamela x

  3. You've got some lovely projects going. Looking forward to seeing the swap project.

    Enjoy your sunday.

  4. Loving the new blog header!
    That cafetiere cover is brilliant, so cheerful and cute. x

  5. Book People are brilliant for cheap books aren't they?I recently bought a Debbie Bliss book for less than a fiver!
    Love so many of the little items in this crochet book though.
    Your blog header looks inviting.

  6. I love your gorgeously, cozy new blog header :o)

    And your cafetiere cozy is cool! Looking forward to seeing your other makes too :o)
    have a lovely week my dear, and take care now.

    Love Donna xx

  7. How cute! I should try to make one of those for my French press!

  8. hello
    i have the same book and i love's really full of inspirationen.
    nice blog.
    greetings regina


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