Sunday, 6 March 2011

Car Booty

Firstly apologies to all my dear readers for the lack of blogging, though I'm sure you all understand that the recent worry over my granddaughter has rather taken over. I'd like to thank everyone for their kind supportive comments and share with you the good news that she has made a good recovery and was out and about with us yesterday visiting two of her great grandparents. 

Today we headed off to Hexham for the afternoon car boot sale. It was such a wonderful sunny spring day so the drive over was beautiful, and we picked up one or two nice bits and pieces ...
...let me show you...

A lovely little Carlton Ware sauce boat. The "jug" bit is a leaf shape and is a pale yellow colour, it stands on a green "crinkled" leaf. I absolutely love this and look forward to using it for mint or apple sauce.

I spotted this rather nice trio on a stall labelled "everything 50p" - when the lady said that the matching sugar bowl was also part of the set and that the 50p was for all four items I just had to bag this bargain. The photograph doesn't really do them justice the outside glaze on all the items is the same green as the plate, and when viewed from above the shape of both the plate and the saucer is very "flower" like.

I also got this lovely shabby tin, I think I will use it in my craft room, probably to store ribbons.

And last but most definitely not least...

...can you guess what this is?

Yes that is Bakelite you see ... if you turn it onto it's side and flip down this little bit on the back...

.... then turn it around and open the little shutters on the front ...

a fabulous art deco travel clock.

Unfortunately the clock doesn't work, but I love it's quirkiness and for £5 I don't really mind that it isn't working.

(Plus it has Bakelite on it and I have a bit of thing for Bakelite!)


  1. I love the shabby tin, it will be perfect for storing bits and pieces. I accidentally stumbled across a charity shop/jumble at an animal sanctuary today, I managed to find a near perfect large wooden frame for £1, I already have plans to create a college to go inside xx

  2. What fabulous things! I really love that gorgeous clock. xxx

  3. Ooh I love Hexham. You've found some beautiful things there! The clock is fab and I adore the sauce boat and stand.

    ps - very glad to hear she's recovering well :)

  4. Gosh you did well! I really love the Carlton dish!

  5. Love bakelite too, so guess which is my favourite!

  6. Very nice finds, particularly like the sauce boat and the clock, I took like bakelite x

  7. Oh I'm so pleased Flic is's lovely to have you were missed :0)

    Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog too:0)

    I absolutely adore that sauce boat..yummy carltonware is so pretty :0)
    But they were all lovely finds :0)

    Have a good rest of the week x

  8. You did do well didn't you! I shall have to get to more car boot sales, but have not ended my winter/cold weather hibernation quite yet! Love that tin.

  9. These are lovely, what an amazing car boot sale. The ones near us are not much good:(


  10. Lovely finds! Just discovered your blog via Jazzys place, have enjoyed reading back through your posts - you seem to share many of my interests/activities [teacher - tick, pillion rider - tick, children flown the nest - tick, crafter- tick]
    Please do check out my Lent giveaways
    blessings x


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