Saturday, 26 March 2011

All change!!

I haven't been posting a great deal of late - there's been a lot happening which has all been a bit of a whirlwind, though I have to say it's changes for the better. 

I've posted before about the change of direction my work took after the new year, it was a change that was forced upon me and I certainly didn't welcome it. Although I didn't at the time post about it, prior to the half term break my doctor signed me off work with work related stress and high blood pressure. 

I asked to be returned to work after half term because I didn't want to let the job beat me and though I managed the stress better, I was actually relieved to be told that I would definitely be made redundant at the end of April.

But sometimes everything happens at once and it's all change.
Only a week gone Thursday I received an offer from a primary school in the local authority to take over maternity cover for one of the teachers in their additionally resourced base for complex learning needs. Now I am not primary trained nor have I ever worked in primary, but they deemed that my knowledge of special educational needs took precedence and asked me to start last Monday.

They have been lovely and eased me in by employing a supply teacher last week so that I could just observe and get a feel for primary teaching. I take over the teaching in the base on Monday and I'm really looking forward to it.

I've also taken part in a fabric workshop where I made a ...

...well I think we'll leave what I made for another post, but
to top off a very exciting week I returned home on Friday evening to this:

my "Spring makes me Sing" swap parcel from Shirley at The White House (Formerly Vintage Sea Muse)

Look at all the loveliness!!

Shirley included two little cross stitch kits, some gorgeous pastel buttons, pretty ribbons and lace, including a lovely piece of cream broderie anglais, a selection of craft papers, a beautiful shabby white tin bird (he made his way straight onto the door of my wardrobe!!), a vintage brooch, a piece of luscious flowery fabric, a magazine called "Vintage" which I have never seen before,  it is brilliant with so many useful articles and pictures. There was also a bottle of organic shower gel which smells divine, a set of ballet themed notecards, mini eggs and last but certainly not least an absolutely stunning cutwork embroidered white linen runner. We have guests coming to stay in a couple of weeks and this will then take pride of place on my sideboard.

Thank you Shirley for an absolutely lovely parcel.

what a great end to a life changing week!


  1. As they say - when one door closes, another one opens!!! Good luck in your new job, hope it goes well for you and you enjoy it.

  2. Oh what a lovely parcel of goodies. I've been noticing all the spring swaps on various blogs and I'm so impressed with what people find and make to send.

    The new job sounds great, especially the fact that they're not chucking you in at the deep end.

  3. Good luck in the primary school, it sounds good that they're easing you into it, hopefully it won't be as stressful for you. The swap parcel looks lovely, so many lovely things in the parcels! :) x

  4. Great news on the new job, glad something turned up for you. Sometimes things have a way of happening to us that we don't choose or expect; they are usually for the best.
    Kandi x

  5. Good luck for Monday. I'm sure everything will go well.

    I'm very new to it, but I love your blog. x

  6. Oh welcome to the world of Primary Teaching!!! I hope you have fun! You never quite know what's going to happen next and some days are completely mad... in a nice way of course. Well, that's what our school is like anyway. Hope it all goes well!

  7. Lots of lovely luck for your new job, I hope you'll be very happy there ... :0)

    Glad you loved your parcel!

    Shirl xxx

  8. good luck with the new job, hope it goes really well for you.
    What a fab bunch of goodies you got there too - lovely!

    BH x

  9. Wishing loads of love and luck for monday. xxx

  10. Glad to hear that your life is improving. Love the parcel.

  11. Good luck for next week, cant wait to see how it goes - as I said in my email I often wonder what it would be like moving down the age scale from 16-19 year old students (and all the baggage they bring with them).


  12. Good Luck, I love that you see change positively! Your parcel looks fab - very exciting to open x

  13. The very best of luck with your new job. I'm waiting to see if I still have one and how the changes at my work progress. :(
    Lucky you - what a fab parcel! xxx

  14. As they say " A change is as good as a rest!" Oh, I do hope you get on well and it helps you feel a bit better...
    Good luck for Monday :0)

    Love those gifts..OOooo what a preciaous little birdie too...I do like them.

    Have a great week...You'll be fine:o)

    You take care xxx

  15. Hi Linda, me again!

    Just to let you know that I have opened my heart swap parcel from you - I love it all! Thanks so so much for everything, you had got me figured out alright!

    It cheered my poor daughter up wonderfully, she was skipping around the dining room (think she will want to blog when she is older!).

    Have taken a load of pics and will blog these asap.

    Thanks again I have so enjoyed being your swap partner!


  16. What a lovely parcel! Hmm, change is a funny thing, and often appears uninvited! Sorry to hear about your recent goings-on, but hoping that these changes bring you only nice and exciting challenges- good luck!
    I've just nominated you for a Kreativ Bloggers Award- details on my page. xxx

  17. Hi,

    Just to let you know that you are a winner! You have one of my little bears on my giveaway.

    If you would like to e-mail me your address so I can pop him in the post to you!

    MBB x


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