Saturday, 19 February 2011

Swap Goodies

Just thought I'd pop over and let you see the lovely goodies I received from the lovely Emma over at
Em's Shabby Shack as part of the Spread the Bloggy Love Swap.

I opened the brown paper parcel brought by Mr Postman to see a parcel wrapped in the most gorgeous wrapping paper.

And the contents did not disappoint...

The most gorgeous Home Sweet Home wooden wall plaque - this has found it's way into my new craft room and looks right at home there.

A fabulous red felted purse complete with a felted ball on the zipper tag - I have admired felted purses for some time now and am thrilled to have my very own.

A beautiful floral fabric heart - this now adorns a photograph of my beloved granddaughter, and is another addition to my new craft room.

The fold up red polka dot bag has already seen a number of outings and has a permanent place in my handbag ready to carry home all my lovely bargains.

The lovely garden picture on the diary really cheered me up and is now on my desk to remind me that summer won't be too far away, it is going to record all my upcoming blog swaps and keep me on track with them, including all the birthdays in the birthday swap.

Last but certainly not least was the luscious choccie heart lolly - this didn't survive the photo session by more than five minutes as it was eaten with a cup of tea while I drooled over admired all my lovely gifts.

A big thank you Emma. xxx

I thought you might also like to see what I sent to Emma.

I just love blog swaps - don't you?


  1. Oooh, lovely goodies. I love those Home Sweet Home plaques I keep seeing. xxx

  2. I think you were both very lucky ladies :0)
    That gift wrap is so gorgeous too :0)

    Yes, not long now till spring - I'd be quite happy for you to send me your snow you know ;0)
    I love it, but I think this winter seem to be dragging on a bit now doesn't it?

    Have a lovely week x

  3. What a lovely swap you both had! x

  4. What lovely things! I'd have been thrilled to receive either of those beautiful parcels! xxx

  5. Aww fab, I would have been delighted with those every little gift is fab! Isn't blogging the best?
    Kandi x

  6. Ah what lovely things! I love the colour theme and contents of the parcel you sent to her as well :)

  7. oooh you lucky girl!You have a lot of gorgeousness going on there! I love swaps too!

  8. What fab swap goodies you both gave to one another :) xxx

  9. Lovely goodies sent and received there! :) x

  10. What lovely swap items - it seems that I have got a tough act to follow :)

    Im really enjoying getting things ready for the swap so much so I have gone in for another one with a Spring theme!

    This blogging lark is getting quite addictive....!



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