Sunday, 13 February 2011

Another "Want to Do" Project Done!

I'd like to thank all you lovely people who left me such supportive and astute comments on my last post. They have helped me to get things into perspective and begin to see the positives in being an empty nester.

I've also completed another of those projects on my "want to do" list.

This is another of those things I have been meaning to do for literally years.

I bought a homemade, patchwork single duvet cover off eBay at least five years ago.
When I tried it on a duvet however it was too short and so I pushed it to the back of the cupboard meaning to "do" something with it to make it usable.

There it stayed until last year, just after I started blogging, when the motivation to actually do some projects was high. I got it out and unpicked the top from the bottom, and felt so virtuous that I'd begun... I put it back in the cupboard. (Along with good intentions of course!.)

Spurred along by completion of my Booty Bag I finally retrieved the patchwork top of the quilt cover from the back of said cupboard along with an unused fleece throw. I cut down the patchwork top to fit the fleece and used the fleece to back it et voila!!! a new patchwork throw.

Here it is over the chair that is currently it's home.
 Looking at it now after all these years, I can see that it's not exactly the best piece of patchwork, the patches could have been more uniform in size and shape and the colours could have been arranged more aesthetically. I do hate waste though so I am pleased that it has turned out to be quite a nice usable throw.
(Not sure why blogger has put this text in a white box, but can't seem to be able to remove it!)
Here it is in it's current home on my bentwood rocker.
It has found a temporary home on my bentwood rocking chair along with a lovely little cushion that I purchased the other day from Durham Indoor Market - a bargain methinks at only £4.

Best thing of all I have also now got a large piece of vintage fabric that was the original back of the cover as well as several vintage patches of fabric that I cut off when resizing it.


  1. It looks lovely! Always super satisfying to get a project ticked off the to-do list as well, isn't it?

  2. It looks gorgeous, well done. That chair's pretty fabulous, too. xxx

  3. I know that thing about making a start on doing something and then chucking it back in a cupboard for another day when you either get bored or run out of inspiration or decide you don't like it after all. Then you have a mad splurge and finish it, and even if you are not 100% happy with it, there is a great sense of satisfaction for having actually done something with it at last. Pat on the back to you.

  4. Hello, I have just answered the door to the postie, thank you so very much for my swap parcel.
    I am so sorry I was going to pop yours in the post friday morning so it would arrive with you today, but we had a little bit of a family crisis and everything went pear shaped.
    I will pop it in the post to you today.
    Hope you have a lovely day. Em x

  5. I think that patchwork throw looks very pretty :0)
    It's good that you got it back out the cupboard..I can relate to taking your time getting projects done...believe me :0)
    happy Valentines Day, and have a great week . x

  6. Well done you!!!! It looks great and you should be pleased that you've added to it and made it your own!

    Victoria xx


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