Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Booty Bag

I have a ridiculously long "want to do" list and if I am honest I very rarely actually "do" any of it.
Instead as I read my way through blog land I collect more and more ideas to add to the list and dream of the day when I'll have a) the time and b) the energy to make at least a small dent in my list.

Till then I'll need to take pleasure in finding new things to add to my list and tackling one or two when I get the chance motivation.

Last week I did get the motivation (well OK a little bit!) and made one of the items I've been wanting to make for quite some time.

Lurking at the bottom of my wardrobe for the past couple of years now has been a pair of brand new jeans that I bought, as what at the time, seemed to be a bargain for only £2.50. The thing is a bargain is only a bargain clothes wise if you wear it, and frankly I didn't like the fit on these jeans but just couldn't be bothered to return them plus return postage would have cost more than the jeans.  So basically a waste of £2.50 and not a bargain at all.

Then I remembered seeing a shoulder bag made out of a pair of jeans back in the 1970's. (Oh dear showing my age now!) and so this idea was added to my "want to do" list. 

And there it has stayed for many months (if not in truth a couple of years!) till last week.

Big drum roll please...

...Ta Da!!!!!

The belt is a silk scarf that I have had for absolutely ages.

The badges were from a couple of packs of stick on badges that I got in Hobbycraft's sale.

I hadn't realised till I googled to get some ideas for cutting and techniques that this type of bag is quite popular on American sites and goes by the term "booty bag".

I'm really pleased with the way this turned out and dear daughter number two has already got her eye on this one, so I may just have to have a sort through the rest of my jeans and earmark another pair to "upcycle".


  1. I have always wanted to make/own a bag like this, I remember seeing some in a magazine ( a good 5/6 years ago). Oh god you have sparked off a fascination now, I really want to make one. I once cut up several pairs of jeans in my teens and stapled them down on a notice board, I don’t know what the concept was but it was fun at the time.

    Off I go to raid my closet for unwanted jeans…! x

  2. I love the bag and the scarf as a belt :)

  3. Oh that is brilliant! Looks so professionally made as well - was it hard to do?

    What else is on the to-do list?

  4. Great idea for a bag, I have a pair of unworn jeans upstairs that I could try this on....thanks for increasing my 'list' :0)
    Denim is great though, last week I made my very first bunting with two pairs of my eldest's old jeans.
    Justine xxx

  5. I remember admiring some of those years ago and wanting to make one. It looks fantastic. I may be tempted to have a go myself. xxx

  6. I think that looks really good, you know there is a company that will make shoes out of your unwanted jeans x

  7. What a fantastic and unique bag, I can guarantee everyone will ask where you bought it from and you can proudly tell them that you made it. Well done!!
    Jo xx

  8. Wow - what a fantastic bag, it's so funky. The badges and scarf look fab. Deffo worth the £2.50 you paid for the jeans!!

  9. I'm looking at my old jeans in a different way now. Great job!

  10. Hi!

    So excited to see that Im teamed up with you for the heart swop!

    This is my first ever blog swop so Im especially excited!


  11. Well, green tinge to the skin here. Ever since I found a site on Ebay that sells great badges, I have had it in mind to buy a denim bag, and cover it with lots of badges, PEACE symbol and so on. I had a particular type in mind... but often changed it as I saw all the ones available to buy online, then got frustrated as I couldn't find one just like I wanted. Not being a denim wearer, I have no denim to cut up. So now going to hunt down some fabric, sometime.. .for like you, I have this list of things I want to make/try, which gets added to thanks to reading blogs! Motivation is what's needed here too. Instead of trying these new things, I persevere with the tried and tested, how unadventurous can you get?

  12. Lol! I love your bag....what a good idea hun!

    Thanks for leaving your sweet comments
    Karen x x


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