Friday, 20 August 2010

Indian Patchwork - Again!

I'm sure you dear people will remember the Indian patchwork that I told you about a couple of posts back. Yes, that's the one, the one I thought would make a lovely wall hanging only it was at least four times too big!
Well today I used up some more of it - to recover my dining chairs. At this rate I will soon have reduced it to the size I originally needed. The chairs were an EBay buy and only cost £10. The covers were a plain brown rexine type material and although they weren't in too bad a condition one of the chairs had a bit of a sag in the middle which needed attention. I also love ethnic style fabrics and patterns - think eastern bazaar, kilims etc so felt using up some more of my wall hanging would be an excellent idea, what do you think?
(Ignore the horrendous clutter in the background!)




  1. Oh what an improvement! Well done, they look fantastic.

  2. They look like they were made for that fabric, really nice thanks for sharing.
    Kandi x

  3. Absolutely fabulous! Such a great job (and you've inspired me to get cracking on our dining chairs). Clutter? What clutter? xxx


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