Thursday, 26 August 2010

Charity Shopping & Bread Experiments

Back in June I posted the recipe for my everyday bread, a simple easy no knead recipe. It has to be said however that I always felt this recipe was limited in that it produces a very soft dough so I have only ever cooked it in a loaf tin - that is - until now...

I decided to try putting half the mixture into bun shaped "blobs" of the dough onto a baking sheet, allowing them to rise and then baking them. They did turn out rather well, though the next time I do this I think I'll make the blobs higher as they did spread out more than I wanted. I also used the other half spread out into a pizza tin, again leaving it to rise in the tin and then baking without topping. I topped it later and have to say that although the base came out looking a bit knobbly the pizza was delicious.


I've also been charity shopping and got ...

A Next knitted jacket for my granddaughter (£2.25)

A Monsoon top for my return to work in September. (£3.49)

An appliqued play quilt (£1.99) - this will be used to make cushions for dear granddaughter's bedroom.

A Mediterranean look bowl (£1)

A silky scarf for me. (£1)

and finally ...
Three Ladybird books (10p each) for my darling Flic.


  1. What lovely finds especially the Monsoon top and the scarf, they'll look lovely together. I'm just imagining the smell of that pizza dough baking and salivating! xxx

  2. Great finds! The top is everso pretty and I look forward to seeing the cushion covers that you make from that cute quilt.

  3. I love all of your finds, especially the top and the bowl, lovely :)
    Kandi x

  4. You will look fab in that top well done on your bargain hunting x


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