Monday, 30 August 2010

Finally - Time to Relax, at Least till Tomorrow!

What a hectic weekend...

went to the antiques and bric a brac market at Tynemouth, (stopping off at Just Harley's for Dave to get some more useless useful bits for his bike).
Not a lot of bargains this time, but I did get more pillowcases - think I might just have enough now! and the book "Deadly Durham" by Terry Deary
Then back home to add the heading tape to the curtains I have made for Flic's room and to sand and prime the chest of drawers ready to paint.

The finished articles.

Car booting at Hexham.
A much needed bed guard for when little one comes to stay - BNIB and only £3.
A 1945 Bakelite fruit bowl - £5.
A pink gingham duvet cover - 50p. This will be cut up to make cushions.
A Disney Princess Duvet Cover and Pillowcase - 50p. Dear granddaughter has been asking for a Disney Princess Quilt for her bed at home which is a toddler bed, so needs a half size quilt. I have already halved an old quilt for use on her bed along with altering a duvet cover to fit, but I have been on the look out for a Disney Princess one to alter, so was well pleased to get one at this price!

Then home  to add a coat of Farrow & Ball to the chest of drawers & make Pasta Chicken Enchiladas for tea - recipe on this fantastic blog full of Slimming World recipes.

Then evening spent altering said duvet cover and adding  a final coat of paint to the drawers.


First coat of Danish Oil on top of the drawers.

Delivered altered Disney Princess Quilt then ... to B & Q for screws to put handles on the chest, but none in the right size so back in the car and off to Homebase, where we bought the last packet.

Chose and purchased new carpet for little one's room.

Filled up on fuel.

Back home, helped dear hubby clear junk out of the room so he could fit the carpet and put the handles on the drawers.

Sanded and primed an old dining chair that will also go in little one's room.

Dear son turned up - he hadn't realised it was a bank holiday and so the shop in our village is closed - he has nothing in the house - can I just run him into the next village for supplies?

Back home - prepare and cook Roast Lamb dinner including Yorkshire puds.

Second coat of Danish Oil on top of the drawers.

Make bread.

Iron two large vintage cotton double bed sheets and four pillowcases then change bedding.

Finally - so shattered can't think straight and my old bones and muscles aching and groaning, dragged myself into a blissful warm soothing shower.

Now I'm beginning to relax I've also treated myself to some of the Elderflower Champagne I made back in June.

I'll leave you with the picture that my other half has set as wallpaper on the PCs desktop to remind me of our holidays and help me to relax - Ahhh!

Ring of Brodgar - Orkney


  1. Blimey. what a busy day! The chest of drawers is fab and Elderflower Champagne rocks. xxx

  2. I'm tired just reading about that!

    Have you been to Orkney recently? It's somewhere I've always wanted to visit.

  3. Hi Alex - we went to Orkney just a few weeks ago for our summer hols, it's the second time we've been there, I can highly recommend it. xxx

  4. Wow you have got me worn out here, now all of that is done you can take the rest of the week off! Your drawers are looking fabulous.
    Kandi x


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