Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Little Something for the Weekend (Bespoke Bookmark Tutorial)

Number two of my weekend posts into injecting a little frugal luxury into life.

Do you know someone who loves books?

I'm sure you do, so here's a quick cheap and nifty little gift that could be just the perfect stocking filler.

Best of all being handmade, this is a custom made gift that can be tailored to suit the recipient...

...and even better while the gift is bespoke, the cost certaintly isn't.

(I'm going to apologise for the poor quality of the photographs in advance, my camera recently died and I got my old camera out but forgot how to adjust the settings!)

I made this bookmark as a stocking filler for my eldest daughter, she who has a penchant for all things gothic.

To fit with her personality I chose a black ribbon with copper tone ribbon ends. I set off one end with a black beaded drop that was actually from an old earring. The other end I added an ornate key charm.

I'm sure that you can see how easy it would be to customise these to the personality and taste of the recipient. Indeed I also made one of these for a recent swap using a cream satin ribbon and adding cream/gold bead detail and a vintage dress charm. Unfortunately my camera died at the time so I was unable to take any pictures before sending it off.

You will need:
A pair of pliers
Two ribbon crimp ends
Two dangly bits of your choice
Two jump rings
Approx 34cm ribbon the same width as your crimp ends

(You can source all the bits and pieces that you will need on good old Ebay.)

Place one end of your ribbon into the open crimp end and then press closed using your pliers if necessary.

Repeat on the other end.

Open a jump ring and use to attach one of your dangly bits to one of the ribbon ends.

Repeat at the other end.

That's It!!!

Keeping the place in my favourite cookery book.


  1. Hi Linda. I love this project . . . who doesn't have a friend or two, or three that love to read. great gift :)

    Your weekend in Whitby sounds like so much fun. I'll be looking forward to seeing you modeling the outfit you come up with for your weekend, next year. I am delighted that you like my homemade cardboard version of a top hat.
    Have a wonderful week, and come over and visit next week and enter my give-away.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. I'm another Linda. The fairy name generator was fun, but I was wondering why my description was so much like yours. Then I saw it is based on our real names. So no wonder! Thanks for the link!

    I will be making some bookmarks now; I have lots of family and friends who read, and most of us read lots of books at the same time, so more than one bookmark is necessary . . . soon I will be able to take the tissues out of my books . . .

    Thanks a lot. I'll be over to visit again. ~ Linne


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