Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Progress is slow, but...

Well following a week of Flylady - all be it at the most basic level, I've decluttered the hall and have actually carried upstairs AND put away the small mountain of "stuff" that was sat on the bottom (six - yep it had risen to the sixth step!) of the stairs to await repatriation.

The top of the box to the left of my PC has been cleared and has remained so, and I am keeping on top of the one bench that I decluttered in the kitchen.

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Baby steps indeed - but at least I'm heading in the right direction, it's getting better, not worse.

Of course one or two things are much more interesting and important do make progress slow.

I still try to find some time in each day to catch up on all your lovely blogs, even if I don't have time to comment or blog myself.

And then there's Pinterest.

I'm not spending hours on Pinterest as some have been tempted to, but I'd be telling fibs if I said it hasn't accounted for a fair bit   some of my time. 

I must say though that I am finding it great for keeping tabs on those little snippets that you come across on t'interweb and want to remember and so it does save me the time I used to spend trawling through my history to find for example that recipe that I wanted to make.



  1. I love and hate decluttering !

  2. At least you're making some progress. Keep up the good work. x
    PS Email me your address at goanmad(at)hotmail(dot)com when you've got a minute. I've come across a book I think you'll find useful.

  3. You sound just like me! I have joined Flylady too although I have dipped in and out for over a year and can say it does make the world of difference!
    Like Saphy says I love and hate decluttering! lovelybones-movingon.blogspot.com

  4. Now what's going to happen when everything is neat, tidy, uncluttered and clean? You'll have nothing to do or you won't dare to do it. This FlyLady will have a lot to answer for when everyone is found sitting in their spotless houses not daring to move. (That's my excuse for a messy house anyway.)
    Lobe from Mum

  5. Well done on making a start. Baby steps, we've all to start somewhere.

  6. Aw, baby steps are so cute. I thank you for prodding me into action *sigh* I'm off to make giant leaps!!!Starting on the hundreds of boxes right now. Kidding? Nope;P
    hugs xxx pamela


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