Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Free Food

It was back to work on Monday. But before the end of last week I had a mini cooking spree, largely to use up some free fruit.

My youngest daughter has recently begun renting a property that has several fruit trees on it - plums, pears and apples. She was more than happy for us to help ourselves to the free fruit.

Plums were stewed and frozen, plum crumble was made and a jar of plum vodka is also happily steeping away.

The apples and pears aren't fully ripe yet, but there were quite a few windfalls which it seemed a shame to let go to waste.

Some made Devon Apple Cake.

This recipe is from "The Cranks Recipe Book" and is a recipe I return to again and again. It is lovely warm topped with a little cream but equally delicious once cold. Being a "Cranks" recipe it is made with whole-foods including wholemeal flour and raw brown sugar, so I like to think that it's better for you than cakes made with white flour and sugar.

As well as the apple cake I made three loaves of wholemeal no knead bread  - some for the freezer. I also used up some more of the windfall apples and pears in a Pear, Apple, Plum and Ginger Jam.

This is the kind of relaxed cooking that I miss having the time for now I am back at work.

Never mind, after this week only another six weeks to the next holiday.

Love Linda xxx


  1. What delicious makes. I like the sound of the wholemeal no knead bread especially.
    Hope work's going well. x

  2. Six weeks will soon pass - keep busy.
    Love from Mum

  3. I'm a big fan of free food - that Devon apple cake sounds delish.

  4. I love the Cranks cookbook too!

  5. Must try the Devon apple cake it looks lovely. I love days just pottering in the kitchen cooking lots of goodies.

  6. I love the Cranks recipe book - I have had it for years - I remember the lovely cafes in London.

    Pomona x

  7. Your granny cushion form your last post is lovely :o)

    All your goodies look delicious Linda! I so love making things from free fruit. And you're right, Cranks food recipes are much better for you :o)

    Thankyou for your kind comment on my last blog post. They really do mean a lot to me. Thankyou :o)

    Have a great weekend Linda.
    Sending you love and a BIG hug,
    Donna xx

  8. What scrummy looking food you are making! I think I will have to take a look at that book. Looking forward to your next post :)
    Take care
    Louise xx

  9. Hello, i am your advent swap partner. I did this swap last year and loved it!!

    I am looking forward to reading through your blog and finding out what you like, then i can get shopping and making xxx

  10. YUM!!! I just LOVE fruit! =)


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